Naturally Pumped Up With Buxtons

Following on from the success of Buxton’s activity around the Ashes last year, this campaign aims to reposition the brand as fun and energetic. Buxtons are asking the public to take part and tweet about what gets them naturally pumped up for the chance to win numerous prizes, including red letter days & an all-expenses paid weekend getaway to Buxton.
The campaign is running nationally across multiple formats including Transvision, Rail D6s and Roadside D6s throughout June.
LIVEPOSTER built and delivered the platform that allowed the tweets / imagery to be updated across the Transvision network.

Milka Tender Vending Machine

psLIVE and Posterscope Iberia developed the ‘social vending machine’ for Milka’s ‘Dare to be Tender’ campaign.  Residents in five Spanish cities, Bilbao, Seville, Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona, exchanged ‘tender’ messages on Twitter using hashtag #porunmundomastierno in return for their favourite Milka chocolate bar.  The campaign also featured hostesses to encourage people to participate at the shopping malls, where the fully branded vending machines were located.
Over a five-week  period, more than 5,300 tweets from the machines were received.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]f_6b-nmUfdo[/youtube]

A Faulty Crying Vending Machine Highlights the Trauma of Domestic Violence

Russian ad agency Hungry Boys and social organization Who Cares?! have collaborated to create the ‘Helpless Machine’, a faulty vending machine that highlights the trauma of domestic violence.
Installed at Afimall City, a shopping mall in Moscow, the machine features a built-in display, vibration sensors and a screen with a smiling woman. When someone tries to buy a snack or beverage, it becomes jammed on purpose.
When men hit the machine in frustration, the woman on the screen starts to cry and become distressed to reflect abuse in real life. The machine eventually releases the item after being hit several times; by then the crying woman would have garnered attention from passers-by.
Statistics show that around 10,000 women in Russia die from domestic abuse, and this machine aims to raise awareness of that fact.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]Bfsq9X9C5rY[/youtube]
Via: Design Taxi

Clever billboard ads highlight the discrimination faced by prostitutes

The creatives at Anti Advertising changed the look of the billboards at bus stops to highlight the discrimination that prostitutes face.
Conceived for the 30th anniversary of the Norwegian National Center of Expertise on Prostitution, these billboards use visual cues to show that sex workers have been stepped on, treated like trash and are shamed for having a double life.
The goal was to make everyone reflect on how they have treated prostitutes, and hopefully lead them to change for the better.
Via: Design Taxi

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