French Alps Transformed into House of Stark Insignia

To promote the new season of hit TV series, Game of Thrones, Sky Atlantic enlisted snow artist Simon Beck to create the Stark family’s insignia on the French Alps.
Taking more than 13 hours and 64,800 steps, the artwork shows House of Stark’s wolf insignia and below the show’s famous tagline ‘winter is coming’. If you aren’t a fan of Games of Thrones, the Stark family ruled the chilly north and kept giant wolves as pets – it should make a bit more sense now!
Zai Bennett, director of Sky Atlantic, said: “Set in the alpine snow, having taken over 13 hours and covering 32.5 kilometres, Simon Beck’s amazing Stark sigil from Game of Thrones is the perfect tribute to a truly epic TV show.”
The artwork is truly spectacular and is just one of many PR stunts the network has done to promote the hit series.
The first episode of Games of Thrones season six will be shown on Sky Atlantic at 2am on 25 April – the same time that it airs in the US.
Video below:
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]2fHlSkFsjVk[/youtube]
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Mexico Tourism Board made billboards out of snow in Chicago

Lapiz agency has created a fun campaign for the Mexico Tourism Board. After an unexpected springtime snowstorm in Chicago, the agency called on local street artist NosE Lanariz to make some outdoor ads from the stuff—as you can see in the video below.

The campaign hit three locations in the city, with headlines like, “Take Your Clothes Off”, “Come Melt Under The Sun” and “Beaches With Sand This White.”

[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]Xe1HRdjH2So[/youtube]

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Net-A-Porter wraps gondola

To promote Net-A-Porter’s newly launched Net-A-Sporter active-wear offering during the winter 2014/15 season, generate talkablity and provide a sense of brand ownership of an event or location that could be promoted on Net-A-Porter’s owned channels, PSI (Posterscope’s international division) created something a little bit different.
The solution – wrapped gondolas in Courcheval, a ski resort known for its high-end audience and premium shopping opportunities and which, as well as being located in the centre of the biggest interconnected ski area in the world – the Three Valleys, Courchevel offers 150 kilometres of downhill ski runs served by 58 lifts.
The campaign  involved wrapping 25 gondolas on the Jardin Alpin lift, which starts in the centre of the resort, so highly visible to skiers at the start and end of their day, as well as being seen by those on the slopes,  with the iconic Net-A-Porter branding of white text and images on a black background (highly visible against the white of the snow and the remaining gondolas on the lift).
The activity will last until the end of the ski season in mid-April 2015.

Endless Winter Isn't So Bad If You're Advertising Dandruff Shampoo

Montreal agency lg2 found a goofy but practical use for all the snow this winter—it made it look like dandruff gone berkserk on outdoor ads for Selsun Blue.
“Dandruff flakes typically occur in winter,” the agency says, “due to the use of heating sources such as electricity. Selsun Blue and lg2 thus decided to launch an offensive at a time when people are most in need of dandruff-fighting shampoo.”
The headline, “Quand les pellicules vous prennent par surprise,” translates to, “When flakes take you by surprise.”
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