Matches That Help To Quit Smoking

A Ukrainian campaign encouraging youngsters to quit smoking has taken a ‘show not tell’ approach, by redesigning matches to show the mark cigarettes leave on the lungs.
According to the video, Ukraine’s younger generations are aware of the smoking hazards but still consider themselves to have time before those problems come to light.
However, instead of telling smokers about what it does to their lungs, the agency Publicis Visage opted to show them that every cigarette leaves a mark with a matchbox.
Rather than putting the course striking surface at the side of the box, the campaign’s matches feature the course striking surface on the front the shape of lungs.
Each time a match is lit, the action of striking it leaves a mark on the lungs. The design was also taken off the box and put on posters for those on the street to interact with and see.
Video below:
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]1EKfq06joH0[/youtube]
Via: Stop Press