Admedia commisission an indepth study into SMEs

With the UK becoming the SME ( Small, Medium Enterprises) capital of Europe and many government-backed initiatives being put in place to support this growing area, Admedia recognised that SMEs are the ‘shining light’ of the UK economy. We also understood that currently there was currently no clear media opportunity targeting them so our desire was to find a way to harness this information and introduce them to our Out of Home opportunities.
We wanted to investigate how these SMEs live, travel and work to understand the best way of bringing new money to the Out of Home industry so we commissioned research in conjunction with BDRC Continental & Market Management, to conduct an in depth study.
The six month project looked at the following categories: Utilities, Commercial vehicles, Finance, Telecoms, IT & Business Services. It involved 1400 decision makers and confirmed that Motorways play a critical part of SME growth and business success.
The findings, which is are also backed up by Government data, highlight how widespread the SME population is, with 80% being based outside of London and over half of annual sales coming from outside of their local area- presenting a huge opportunity for Admedia.
It also reveals that Out of Home advertising is the media platform SMEs engage with the most, presenting a huge opportunity for the industry to reap benefits from this audience.
Results Highlights:
Over 100 pages of data of which highlights include:
– SME population is widespread, with 80% being based outside of London
– Over half of annual sales coming from outside of their local area.
– Motorways reach 70% of UK decision makers
– SME decision makers were most likely to consumer OOH media
– A recent Admedia SME campaign achieved an ROI of £6.40 per £1
Source: Admedia