Skoda introduces bungee jump experience to showcase safety feature

Front assist is a clever safety feature in ŠKODA cars that automatically stops the vehicle to prevent collisions. To demonstrate its functionality to a young audience, we placed an image of the back of a braking freight truck underneath a bungee jump site in a festival. This way the jumpers could literally experience the sensation of this feature without actually being in real danger. With ŠKODA Jump Assist we managed to stand out amongst the overwhelming amount of festival sponsorships, present ŠKODA as a cool brand amongst a young audience which was long overdue, and deliver our message in a moment that they won’t soon forget.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]etQaJp_PBbo[/youtube]
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Skoda's Icy Yeti Stunt

ŠKODA, one of the oldest car manufactures based in the Czech Republic, wanted to gain national press coverage for the launch of the new ŠKODA Yeti. They achieved this by encasing a bright red Skoda Yeti in 10 tons of ice then placing it in Covent Garden, London and inviting the public to guess the combined weight of the car and ice in order to win it. Brand ambassadors and the Yeti costume character encouraged people to participate in the competition via iPads. Over 8,000 competition entries were received.
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A very eye-catching and innovative campaign by Skoda

Skoda create a very eye-catching and innovative campaign at Zurich’s main train station.
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