Visitors to a diversity exhibition in France can create personalised posters using their skin tone

An emblematic museum in Paris, the Musée de l’homme, has taken a bold step to denounce racism in the run-up to the French elections  in May. The museum’s first year-long exhibition, named “NOUS ET LES AUTRES: Des préjuges au racisme” (Us and Them: from prejudice to racism), sheds light on the scientific factors behind racist behavior.
To celebrate the exhibition, an innovative app called CHROMA was launched. The app invites people of different races and skin tones to take a picture of themselves. The app then detects the color of of that person’s skin, and complements it with another person’s skin tone, to create a personalised poster which celebrates diversity, and become ‘the colours of the exhibition’.
Users can also share their own personalized posters on social media to promote the exhibition and take a stand against racism. Some of these will then be printed and spread on OOH across Paris.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]IW_bUZoLbZY[/youtube]
Via: Ads of the World