Amscreen Partners with Sharp to Create Affordable, Scalable Outdoor Digital Screens

The new exclusive deal between Amscreen and Sharp will enable the roll-out of technically advanced, large screen digital display screens by the end of 2014.
Unlike Amscreen’s current network of smaller digital screens operating at point of sale throughout Tesco’s petrol stations, as well as retailers such as WHSmith, Londis and Spar, the new screens will be available for any outdoor company to acquire.
The screens will be six-sheets, best known for being the size of traditional bus stop posters, and can be used within bus shelters and roadside sites, as well as windows and other indoor sites and shopping centres.
Using Amscreen’s patented networking and content delivery systems, the “plug and play” screens promise to make a fully connected and scalable network an affordable reality for both existing and potential outdoor players.
The new Amscreen and Sharp produced screens are currently in the prototype stage, but Sugar said initial feedback from potential customers has been “fantastic” and the screens will be available in the marketplace “towards the end of the year”.
The new format screens will all have the option of embedding Amscreen’s face tracking OptimEyes audience measurement technology at a premium, or can simply be used as off-the-peg, digital screens.
The deal follows more than two years of development at Amscreen.
Via: Media Week