Crossrail fast-tracks evolution of OOH advertising

With the first Crossrail services due to open from next month (May 2015), the new high capacity rail service for London and the South East represents a slew of new opportunities for advertisers.
Tfl’s plans to maximise its enhanced station portfolio for brands are set out on Tuesday, May 19th when more than 200 industry leaders convene for The DailyDOOH Media Summit, the UK’s annual digital outdoor conference.
Keynote speakers at the conference include John Pizzamiglio, Lead for Advertising Strategy Commercial Development Directorate, Transport for London, who will outline the opportunities for advertisers as new stations open across the Capital and South East.
Pizzamiglio said: “Crossrail presents a slew of new environments. With a growing, socially active, affluent audience, TfL’s approach to new contracts in 2016 is one that enables a wide variety of future developments.”
DailyDOOH editor-in-chief Adrian Cotterill, who chairs the summit, said: “The role of digital outdoor advertising in the evolution of London and other global cities is one of investment, opportunity and incredibly tough competition. The complexities for cities, property owners, transport and retail hubs in maximising technology to meet the expectations of a growing socially active, mobile driven digital savvy audience are considerable. The sheer pace and scale of change not just here in the UK but in the US, EMEA and Asia will be a key focus of this event.”
The conference draws together key stakeholders across media, transport, retail, research and development, featuring 13 speakers and guest contributors who will consider:

  • The changing relationship between and the UK creative and specialist sectors and the emerging commercial opportunities for content distribution and production
  • How brands are innovating across platforms and the impact on the market; next steps to improve the consumer offer through different channels, personalisation and technical capability; and emerging opportunities for amplification across all screens
  • Key challenges and priorities for the advertising industry, with discussion around terms of trade, platform access, data and policy.

Ten different sessions will feature Exterion CEO Shaun Gregory; Joe Clark from Dunhumby; Neuro-Insight founder Heather Andrew; and Sarah Speake, Clear Channel UK
The DailyDOOH Media Summit is on Tuesday, May 19th 2015 at BAFTA, Piccadilly, London from 9.30am to 5pm  

Gregory Has Ambitious Plans for Exterion Media

Three days into his role as the international chief executive of Exterion Media – the company known as CBS Outdoor until January – Shaun Gregory is already a bit bored of the obvious questions.
Yes, he is aware of next year’s tender for the £1 billion London Underground contract, and that people have concerns about the company’s private-equity ownership, but he does not want to talk about that.
He wants to focus on the possibilities of outdoor, both for brands and the wider public.
Executives in the outdoor industry have eulogised about its synchronicity with mobile for years. Yet there is still a sense of untapped possibility. Gregory, however, can speak from experience. He has spent the past seven years developing mobile advertising businesses. As the chief executive of the ad-funded network Blyk and then running Telefónica’s ad division globally, he has been at the forefront of attempts to develop mobile advertising around the world.
Gregory says that, after his tenure at Telefónica, Exterion was the “natural” next step. His experience working with Telefónica’s Onthespot, which provides point-of-sale interactivity in 82 countries, and the UK’s outdoor audience measurement platform, Route, has assured him out-of-home is “well-positioned not just for growth but growth ahead of other media”.
When Gregory talks about growth, he is talking about the outdoor industry taking share from other media. But his vision extends to “changing environments for the better”. Gregory says out-of-home has an opportunity to “genuinely change people’s lives and consumer habits” and gives the example of interactive shopping billboards in Asia. The click-and-collect services now offered at some Tube stations are just the start, he says.
Part of Gregory’s mission is to encourage the industry to work together more effectively. He has been a non-executive director at Ocean Outdoor for the past two years and intends to continue sitting on the board. He cites Google’s Eric Schmidt, who spent a number of years as a non-executive director at Apple. “There’s a very clear opportunity in this area,” Gregory says. “But we won’t do it unless we work more collaboratively together.”
But for all this talk of the future, it is impossible to ignore the fact that Gregory is taking over a business that has had an uncertain four years. The Underground deal, the biggest outdoor contract in the world and signed before the financial crisis hit, threatened to drown CBS’s international outdoor division.
Although the contract was eventually renegotiated, Exterion will have to fight to keep it in 2015.
It must be difficult to have to keep answering the same questions about the past when you claim to be so excited about the future. But Gregory does it with patience.
“I know there’s a contract, and I know there’s a tender process. I know people are interested in that,” Gregory says. “But what I’m interested in is delivering excellent campaigns, I’m interested in improving the asset base. I’m interested in making the London Underground the most iconic example of out-of-home across the globe. I’m interested in making that so great and so unique that everyone travels from around the world to see it.”
Yet for all his gushing about the Underground, Gregory is clear that the UK is just one part of the company he has been appointed to run. He talks passionately about putting back more autonomy into individual countries so they can concentrate on what they need. He avoids answering specific questions about the long- or even medium-term plan of Exterion’s owner, Platinum Equity, preferring to answer for himself: “I’m here to build something long term and sustainable.”
A hard-working northerner who worked his way up from regional radio ad sales at Emap, Gregory is widely respected. He may not join the team in the pub every Friday evening but he is fiercely loyal to them. That said, there are still many issues to resolve, not least whether the UK team needs strengthening.
Gregory gives his support for the UK managing director, Jason Cotterrell, and his team, as well as the way they have continued to grow the business through a period of instability.
But a clear mission for the company and Gregory’s hard-working ethic will come in handy if he wants to realise his vision for Exterion.
Via: Campaign Live

Exterion Media hires Shaun Gregory as CEO

Gregory will lead the outdoor media company, which has businesses in Western Europe and China. In the UK, its main assets are the London Underground outdoor contract and an expansive network of buses.
He has been the managing director of Telefónica Digital’s global advertising business, responsible for the telecom giant’s media portfolio, since February 2009
Gregory has also been the non-executive chairman of the mobile advertising joint venture Weve since September 2013, and the global board member and vice-chairman of the Mobile Marketing Association since June 2012.

 Bastian Lueken, the head of Platinum Equity’s European investment team, said: “Shaun is the right leader at the right time for Exterion Media. He brings with him broad media experience from senior sales, strategic and management roles across most of the major media.

“He has in-depth knowledge of complementary and emerging technologies which will enhance Exterion Media’s ability to engage audiences. Exterion Media has many exciting opportunities ahead and Shaun will have our full support as he continues to drive and transform the business.”
Antonio Alonso previously ran CBS Outdoor International, but left the company on the completion of Platinum Equity deal in January.