Cinema pedestrian detection

Volkswagen showed off their latest pedestrian detection system when they decided to surprise moviegoers in Madrid. Anyone who turned up to the movie late would cause the movie to stop, a spotlight to appear on themselves and a noise simulating parking sensors bleeping until they reached their seat.

 The clever stunt interacts with audience, using the embarrassment of those turning up late to create humour while educating the audience on their latest technology. While some might not find this funny, the stunt draws attention to its ability to save lives and gives those that are late, a little taste of the annoyance that they cause on others.

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Sonos Captures New York's Beats and Streets with Giant 3D Screen

Sonos, the wireless hi-fi brand, is claiming a sound and vision first with a giant 3D screen allowing New Yorkers to explore the soundscape of their city.
Working with the digital creative agency Perfect Fools, the company has created an installation that allows users to sample New York’s art and culture via a 10 metre-square screen built from 300 Sonos Play:1 speakers.
Coloured LED lights pulsate within the speakers, which respond to hand gestures so that users can navigate a map of the city while sampling its musical sounds, ranging from hip-hop and funk to disco and electro.
The installation will also identify from which of the city’s five boroughs the music originates.
The ‘Sounds of NYC’ is one of a number of installations that will be featured at Sonos Studio NYC at New York’s Neuehouse, which offers shared work spaces for creative industry entrepreneurs, from 2 to 5 October.
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Move Like a Pro to Score a Free Pepsi

As the World Cup draws nearer, football mania is starting to set in. Try out your football moves with the Pepsi #FotbolNow skills challenge. A vending machine challenges you to put your best moves to the test in order to score a free Pepsi.
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A Tunnel to the Other Side of the World

Austravel – a ‘leading Australia and New Zealand travel specialist’ – have, overnight, dug a tunnel to the other side of the world.
Commuters using London Liverpool Street Station had the opportunity to peer into the #LondonDownUnder hole to ‘get a sneak peek’ of one of the company’s holiday destinations.
The cordoned-off area apparently houses a tunnel to Australia. In reality, the ‘tunnel’ showcases real-time footage from Down Under.
The stunt (and of course, the accompanying hashtag #LondonDownUnder) was announced by the company on its Twitter account @AustravelUK.
The stunt was coordinated by Frank PR.
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JCDecaux Unveils SmartScreen

JCDecaux has unveiled the sales optimisation strategy and first research behind SmartScreen, the new insight-driven digital network of screens that is set to transform the future of digital outdoor advertising. In a series of media firsts, SmartScreen will enable optimised scheduling based on audience behaviour/sales and will introduce ratings as its new currency.
Defined as an intelligent screen powered by dunnhumby insight, the first SmartScreen network will launch across 400 Tesco stores nationwide on 7th April.
Backed by JCDecaux’s new scheduling system, called CAPTAIn, SmartScreen will optimise the delivery of a brand’s campaign across the network by automatically increasing or reducing the frequency of display, targeting customers according to their shopping behaviour. CAPTAIn accesses audience insight to display creatives at the optimal time for each individual campaign.
Research unveiled to an audience of clients and agencies at JCDecaux’s Business Breakfast Briefing showed that optimising play-out to the most relevant times benefits brands with incrementally higher sales uplifts.
SmartScreen research shows that the sales uplift delivered by digital screens is +9% higher than the uplift delivered by non-digital posters at supermarkets. Additionally optimising the schedule to reach the brands’ target audience through their SmartScreen technology provided a further +11% sales uplift.
JCDecaux’s investment in SmartScreen marks a move away from defining digital outdoor by panel numbers and loops, instead delivering campaigns based on the clients’ target audience and a move to an outdoor rating currency, a first for the Out-of-Home industry.
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