Netshoes: The World’s Smallest Pop-Up Store

Here’s a pretty cool Pop-Up store, in fact, it’s probably the World’s Smallest Pop-Up store with the most products; but I guess that’s easy when your pop-up store is just an an online store disguised as a pop-up, located at 1.149 and a half Oscar Freire street, in São Paulo, a location considered the biggest retail strip in Brasil, where over 35 thousand people pass by daily.
Cleverly placed between two other stores, the Netshoes pop-up store is barely wider than an iPad, and comes complete with door matt and mini-signage. The iPad simply loads the standard online store to give passers by the ability to shop over 40,000 pairs of sporting shoes in seconds. While also driving people to download the stores app on their own devices. Pretty cool little stunt for an eComm play. Nice work by DM9Sul.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]eV_S666NtqA[/youtube]
Via: Digital Buzz