Interactive bus stops in San Francisco act like virtual aquariums

For Monterey Bay Aquarium’s 2017 “Share the Love” campaign, bus riders and pedestrians on the sidewalks of San Francisco will have their own authentic aquarium experience as they encounter custom-built, state-of-the-art interactive bus shelters in a series of  creative executions.

The dynamic digital screens  display a beautiful underwater scene full of colour and natural motion, featuring a fashionable cuttlefish. For those who stop to admire him, the imaginative cuttlefish – a natural master of camouflage – will detect the colour of the current viewer’s clothing, morphing his on-screen colour to match his admirer and relay a personal message.
The digital displays will also showcase scenes of the aquarium’s real-life underwater beauty, framed by animated silhouettes of aquarium “visitors” observing the magic. When pedestrians step within range, the experience will capture that person’s silhouette and display it onto the underwater experience itself. Users will be playfully prompted to show their “best octopus impression,” test “how high they can jump,” and more.
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What's in the Giant Locker?

A mysterious giant locker was placed in front of the Ferry Building in San Francisco as part of a stunt for Nissan and Amazon.
The large locker housed a Nissan Rogue inside, as well as other prizes, which could only be accessed through special codes.
In order to get a code, the public was encouraged to tweet, comment or post photos about the locker on social media using the hash tag #GiantLocker. The codes opened the locker doors, with one lucky person receiving the code for the giant door, allowing them to gain access to the car inside.
Behind the campaign idea was TBWA\ Chiat Day LA.
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