No ordinary billboard for no ordinary watch

One of the advantages of the Samsung Gear S3 smart watch is its design, as at a glance, it looks like an ordinary watch. The Gear S3 has the aesthetics of a truly premium watch with advanced features built right into the watch design making it easy and effortless to use.
To convey the watch’s features in a smart way, Samsung launched an unusual campaign that looked like another premium watch campaign, under the brand name and tagline “Frontier- The time is now” and made the billboard come to life.
Taking an everyday situation – waiting for the bus – they built a smart billboard that could communicate with the waiting passengers, much to their surprise. The billboard comprised of a ‘static’ male model posing with the watch, who was actually being live-streamed from a room around the corner. When something happened at the bus-stop, the model came to life and spontaneously responded to the situation, much to the commuters’ delight (and shock!) 
You can watch the campaign here.
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This Interactive Digital Billboard Warns What's Around the Corner

This incredible interactive digital billboard was used on a street corner in Stockholm to advertise Samsung’s new Galaxy 6s Edge. The phone has a wrap-around screen that goes from edge to edge, providing live notifications on the edges of the phone. To mimic this technological design, the billboard was created to wrap around the bottom of a corner of a building. There was a connected screen that was displayed to both connecting streets.
As people walked by, the screen flashed warnings about what was “around the edge,” flashing phrases like, “I hope you’re a dog person” before a dog walked around the corner or “Make way for latte mom” when a mother pushing a stroller with a latte walked around.
This amazed people and caused many to stop and stare, trying to figure out how the interactive digital billboard worked. Little did they know, an editorial team across the street in a cafe was choosing the phrases. This publicity stunt was a creative way to advertise the notification capabilities of Samsung’s new phone.
Video here:
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]K79w0kRS4BA[/youtube]
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A town learns sign language to promote 'living without barriers'

In this sweet stunt by Samsung, a whole town learnt sign language so that a deaf Turkish man ‘could live one day without barriers’.
Muharrem is seen going about his normal day with his sister Ozlem, but it isn’t long before passersby start communicating with him using sign language – something he has no doubt never experienced before – and something that eventually has him in tears.
The whole thing was organised as part of the ad campaign for the brand’s new video calling centre, which enables the hearing-impaired to communicate more easily.
According to the Metro, it took one month of preparation, with all involved taking sign language lessons especially for the campaign.
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Would You Dive into Freezing Water for a Free Samsung Galaxy S5?

To prove the water resistance of its Galaxy S5, Samsung ran a guerilla stunt where it dared people to jump into the freezing waters of Lake Zurich in Switzerland to take an underwater selfie.
People sitting along the lake were first approached by a scuba-diver, who handed them a ringing S5 phone. The caller on the other end would then dare them to jump into lake to take a selfie underwater.
Those that were game were given a free Galaxy 5 for their troubles. The stunt was created with help of Swiss communications agency Serranetga.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]3Cb56vQp6ck[/youtube]
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Samsung’s ‘Suction’ Billboard Demonstrates the Power of its Vacuum Cleaner

To advertise the ‘suction power’ of its vacuum cleaner, Samsung—with the help of Saatchi Netherlands—created a playful billboard.
Rigged with a motor, the scrolling billboard features a Samsung ad that is constantly being ‘sucked’ back thanks to a well-placed vacuum cleaner on the top of the billboard.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]ZxNlsqU5bCo[/youtube]
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Samsung uses OOH for real-time, two-way interaction.

To showcase the capabilities of the Galaxy Note 10.1, Samsung created an innovative live event in Portugal using a poster site which featured a remotely-located artist on a two-way digital screen. The artist was asked to draw caricatures of passersby in real-time. Those in front of the interactive billboard could watch the artist live on the giant screen as he drew their picture using the Samsung tablet. Afterwards, he revealed his drawings to the subjects, and the pictures were posted on Samsung Facebook page.