Salvation Army introduce the world’s most eco-friendly gift wrap

Bearing in mind that Christmas is a great time for charities, but not a good season for selling second-hand clothes, the Salvation Army in the Czech Republic and Geometry Global Prague  introduced the world’s most eco-friendly gift wrap.
On December 17th – the last weekend before Christmas – the Salvation Army set up a wrapping service at one of the busiest shopping malls in Prague providing the most beautiful gift-wrapping made from second-hand clothing. The solution also helps to reduce the incredible amount of paper waste generated each year during the holidays.
The wrapping technique is inspired by ‘Furoshiki’, a square piece of cloth that has been used in Japan for centuries – for wrapping and carrying goods.
Next Christmas, the Salvation Army plans to introduce the wrapping services in Slovakia and Holland – with hopes that this most eco-friendly gift wrapping service becomes a Salvation Army Christmas tradition globally, raising money for people in need while also sparing the planet tons of waste.
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Via: Marketing Communication News