Lucozade give commuters a free tube ride with contactless bottles

In the latest in a long list of marketing efforts essentially based around giving people free things to interact with the brand, Lucozade not only offered commuting Londoners a free bottle, but on account of it being ‘magic’, they’ll received a free tube ride, too.
Lucozade gave away thousands of its bottles at Oxford Circus from Tuesday 30th May – Friday 2nd June 2017. Each bottle had a chip fitted in the bottom of the bottle, as part of the brand’s ‘Find your flow’ campaign, especially targeted at busy commuters.
All members of the public had to do is swipe the bottom at the tube gates, just like a contactless bank or Oyster card.
Londoners would have had to be quick though, the bottles were only be handed our during rush hour, or ‘whoosh hour’ as Lucozade named it.

Via: PR Examples 

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