'Reality Cheque' at the end of the night delivers drink driving message

Reality Cheque shows exactly how much it will cost if you decide to drive home after a few drinks—by placing the costs on an itemised receipt. This road safety message is delivered at the end of a night out, which is the exact moment when people often make a very costly decision to drive themselves home.
Unique point-of-sale software calculated the cost of dinner and drinks, plus the exact dollar amount if caught drink driving, creating a bespoke receipt that was unique to every patron.
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Virtual 'crash' billboard raises awareness about road safety

Serviceplan held an unprecedented field operation on 22nd March in Paris to raise awareness about the dangers of being a careless pedestrian, which results in 4,500 victims each year in Ile-de-France.
The idea behind the operation was to display a specially designed interactive digital billboard near a busy pelican crossing. Equipped with a movement detector, speaker, and camera, the smart billboard made the sound of screeching tyres whenever a pedestrian attempted to cross the road while the “red man” was displayed.
The frightened faces of the pedestrians were then featured on the road safety billboards, and their photographs  shown alongside the caption: “Don’t risk facing death. Check the lights and cross safely”. The digital video and posters, created under real-life conditions, will be used as part of the forthcoming “Quinzaine Régionale des Usagers Vulnérables” (15-28 May 2017) on train station billboards and a Facebook campaign.
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