Rexona scare shoppers in their ‘Believe In The Invisible’ stunt

A walkway that ‘falls’ underneath customers at Macquarie Shopping Centre in Sydney is at the centre of a new campaign for Rexona’s Invisible Dry range.

The campaign was launched over the weekend with a stunt by digital content agency Mindconsole.

The activation used a 4K Oled screen, sound effects and motion sensors to make it appear as if the ground was collapsing – startling the public as they walked over it. The stunt was filmed on 10 cameras and will be used as digital video content.

“Everyone responds differently to external stimuli so we needed to ensure multiple senses – sight, sound and motion – were considered,” said Ratcliff, managing partner of Mindconsole.

According to John McKeon, marketing manager for Rexona, the latest stunt is the first part of the ‘Invisible’ campaign, which will continue to show how the product protects consumers from marks, stains and sweat.

As part of the campaign Rexona has also released two 15-second global TV spots which see a man and a woman going about everyday life by travelling or walking on invisible objects.

The new work also introduces Rexona Men Invisible Dry Fresh to the Australian market following its success in the UK.

[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]MQPcnGdNbOk[/youtube]

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