This bench literally brings people closer together

Creating new relationships it’s harder than you think, even when you are in the midst of hundreds of thousands of people. To do so, you need a spark, a new opportunity and, of course, a red mug. That’s exactly what Nescafé did with The Hello Bench during the Salone del Mobile in Milan: a bench that gets shorter when two people sit on it. Two sensors activate the bench and let two strangers get closer: an unexpected way to break the ice and start a conversation and connection.
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Condom Machine Installed With Breathalyzer To Prevent Drunken Mistakes

Imagine going on a night out with your mum and her telling you who you can and can’t kiss. This is like that.
‘Beer Goggles’ is something everyone has experienced. After a tequila or ten we’ve all made the odd bad decision and spent the night someone we wouldn’t normally and woke up the next day full of hangover and full of regret. has come up with the solution and is trialling the ‘Johnny Be Good’ condom machine in ‘The Brass Monkey’ in London’s Victoria.
The premise is very simple. Should someone try and buy a condom they will first have to breathe into a breathalyzer which will determine how drunk they are. If the machine decides that you have had enough to possibly lead you into making a bad life decision then it will not sell you a condom.
This funny stunt has performed well nationally and although some people have taken it all too seriously suggesting that it is promoting unsafe sex most people have understood the humorous premise that you should in fact use instead of going out, getting drunk and bowing your head on the walk of shame the following day.
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