UK retailers get real-time customer profiling at their fingertips

In early 2014, Amscreen, provider of in-store digital screen media, worked with a number of select partners to trial a revolutionary platform delivering real-time audience profiling and footfall analytics. The technology, which utilises a camera built into HD in-store screens, is able to identify a shopper’s age and gender by location and time of day.
A year on, Amscreen is now launching OptimEyes® to the broader UK retail sector. The service integrates technology provided by automated audience measurement business Quividi, and then builds upon this to deliver a user-friendly portal designed specifically around the requirements of retailers and their need to access and act upon real-time customer insight.
OptimEyes® has been created to assist in the provision of insight that can help retailers in a number of areas including; predicting traffic flows to identify the most efficient times of day to promote a certain product range, react in real-time to fluctuations in footfall as well as map a customer’s typical journey through store. This insight is all accessible through a real-time online OptimEyes® portal so a network of screens and customer profiles can be reviewed from any single location.
Simon Sugar, CEO of Amscreen states “Our OptimEyes platform and portal is providing real-time audience measurement enabling our solutions customers to identify exactly who their adverts are reaching and change content immediately based on this data. The OptimEyes portal is the gateway to this content providing easy, speedy online access to audience analytics from their entire network of screens.”
The announcement comes following the launch of the OptimEyes® technology in 2014, which uses hardware to detect a series of physical reference points to determine age and gender of viewers. The OptimEyes® portal can be interrogated manually or serve summary reports based on the users preferences.  Retailers will also be able to analyse audience trends on a global, national or regional scale, or even by individual store and in-store zone.
Via: Amscreen