Strongbow Cloudy Apple Cider engages using OOH and experiential

The launch of Heineken’s new Strongbow cloudy cider, the biggest alcohol launch in 2015, is being supported by a national campaign on OOH, TV, mobile and social media.
As part of the widespread OOH activity, which also includes a Cromwell Road special build and banners as well as traditional formats, there is experiential activity – involving a modern take on the classic fairground ‘buzzer’ game.
A bespoke interactive Strongbow Archer’s lightning bolt will tour around the UK giving participants the opportunity to play the game of guiding a ring down the lightning without touching it to complete the challenge in the quickest time possible. The game play will be connected to existing Digital OOH and bought in screens, and as the player progresses, motions sensors on the lightning bolt trigger relevant content on screen. Tying in with campaign creative we use sound and dynamic content to create the effect of a storm building on screen. As the player reaches the end of the game a crack of lighting shoots across the screen, igniting a glass of the new Strongbow Cloudy Apple cider with life.
A site specific and regional leader board element will also feature, based on time taken to complete the game. Participants will be able to access this remotely via a microsite which can link to social channels.
This campaign, which connects the digital world with real life physical experiences,  not only captures the imagination of consumers, whilst bringing to life the creative concept but it also uses the strengths of OOH to amplify experiences to the mass public.
The campaign was created by psLIVE, Posterscope and SMG.
strongbow a
strongbow 2
strongbow 3

psLIVE host seminar on Live Storytelling

On the morning of July 30th psLIVE hosted a seminar on Live Storytelling, which followed on from a feature  recently written for Event magazine on the same subject.
A number of different speakers explored the Art of Storytelling within experiential marketing.
Michael Brown, MD psLIVE opened the event explaining how they are operating in one of the most exciting times for marketers as they are constantly presented with new ways to reach audiences.  On the other less optimistic hand, he explained these times can be evermore difficult to navigate with often fragmented and poorly understood new methods of communication.  With so many channels available, consumers are bombarded with messages, so how do we make our campaigns stand out? What’s the difference between the messages that make it through and the ones that don’t? He went on to say that here at psLIVE, we believe it’s the messages that tell a real story, regardless of channel, that get the cut through.  Storytelling’s been relevant since the days of the cavemen, as long as 35,000 years ago, when we began describing what we see and telling the story of the human experience.  The somewhat forgotten art of Storytelling allows a message to not only be heard, but experienced with all of our senses.
Ryan Hedditch discussed how we’ve been working tirelessly to consider how we help our clients maximise the impact and return of the Live Brand Experience. He presented a proposition which expands a Live Brand Experience’s reach and impact from the physical world to the digital space, before, during, and after. Ryan said “We now have a range of digital channels at our disposal through psLIVe. It’s about choosing the right digital channels for a client’s particular audience, and objective. For example, post-event video promotion will be most relevant for visually-spectacular events, with awareness as a key objective, while CRM can be a very strong revenue driver for high-ticket brand experiences, as each bit of data captured is high-valued”.
He went on to describe the key benefits for our clients:

  1. Your work, travelling further in the digital world
  2. Smart integration between the physical and digtial
  3. Measurement you can use

Adam Cherry, Digital development Director at Liveposter, discussed how by combining Liveposter’s dynamic OOH expertise with psLIVE’s expertise in experiential they can deliver brands the ability to deliver real-time storytelling at scale. Turning an experiential idea from something that’s quite niche into something that’s scalable across multiple channels.  Cherry went on to describe Liveposter’s new product – Live Cloud. A dynamic platform that gives an advertiser absolute control of how to tell a story in the out of home space, how a story unfolds, how people participate and how content can be distributed across multiple channels.
Alex Ryden, Insight and Integration Manager Posterscope, detailed how stories are borne out of data and insight. He described how Data can be separated thematically into three different groups: physical data, psychographic data, and behavioural data. Physical data looks at how people are interacting with the environment around them. Route data does this at a grand scale and we use it every day. But it can be used in conjunction with other datasets to give a richer, and more rounded, viewpoint. Psychographic data refers to attitudes and behaviours of people, in this case, caught in OCS. Behavioural data relates to how people are behaving online when out of home using data from, for example Posterscope’s partnership with EE.
Christopher Nicola, Head of Urban Partnerships, psLIVE explained how to create meaningful brand stories through initiatives that impact on people’s lives and the spaces and they live in. Consumers are increasingly aware of the social impact of companies, and brands that communicate their CSR values well are gaining a competitive edge. Christopher introduced Urban Partnerships, a specialist division that matches brands with not-for-profit partners and public sector organisations, he went through some case studies and up and coming projects (such as the PopBrixton and adidas partnership launching this week) that show how brands can create successful experiential campaigns that align brand marketing objectives with positive changes for society.
In addition the seminar featured a number of technology partners for a live interactive session
Josh Ayto – Brand Partnership Manager, Google
Working with a small number of brands to create the best in class digital branding experiences using Google technology, they demonstrated some of Google’s tech products including Google Cardboard.
Admobilize showcased real-time audience recognition and how real-time audience recognition technology can provide data to optimise experiences on the fly.
Amplifying immersive experiences – Immersive Virtual Reality is often a solitary experience but it’s possible to leverage to large format DOOH to amplify an activity to a wider audience. We have some truly stereoscopic (3D) VR experiences which demonstrate the full capability and potential for rich content and engaging user journeys.
Location Beacons are being used in a variety of innovative ways to transform urban environments e.g. local councils are using them to identify empty street parking bays and transmitting location to nearby car users to reduce emissions.  These were used during the Live Storytelling workshop so you can experience the power of location based triggers to demonstrate how such tech can benefit live activation.
Some of the star technological attractions from some of our recent campaigns will also be showcased in hands on style:
Center Parcs: Our smartphone archery tutor: See how mobile enabled OOH experiences can put consumers at the centre of the story.
Lego: An interactive photobooth from Lego demonstrates how families can connect with characters and create a lasting memory.
Artificial Intelligence Augmented Reality Discover how AR is using algorithms to dynamically generate and evolve advertising creative live.
If you would like to find out more about the session please contact

Download the app to open a range of experiences

Working alongside French fragrance brand, Nina Ricci, psLIVE created a bespoke experience to promote the Spring launch of the ‘Les Delices de Nina’ perfume.
The event toured across the country over three consecutive weekends to Birmingham, London and Manchester. Not only did consumers have the chance to make their own personalised candy (sherbet package) within our Nina Ricci Fragrance Sweet House, but they were also offered free onsite manicures on picnic-style benches and a chance to win on-the-hour prizes by playing the ‘Les Delices’ Candy Crush app, with the top scorers at the end of each hour entered to win a fairytale trip to Paris. Consumers were also given a sample of the perfume to take away with them and staff assisted with informing consumers about the perfume and testing it on the stand.
In order gain entry to the experience, consumers were asked primarily to download the Nina Ricci app, alternatively they could upload a picture of them interacting to Instagram or which created high levels of social content for the brand

Sample a delicious cooked breakfast the mexican way

Today, Old El Paso and UM London are celebrating ‘Cinco De Mayo’ (the Fifth of May) at London’s Victoria Station. UM has worked closely with Posterscope and psLIVE to mark the popular Mexican celebration day with a live cooking demonstration using Old El Paso products, featuring celebrity chef, Andy Bates.
The event will promote the launch of a new content series of 31 recipe videos, featuring Andy cooking with Old El Paso products. Produced by UM Studios, the series is being hosted on online channel Food Network.
Live at Victoria station, Andy Bates will be  demonstrating how to make some of the dishes from the recipe series. Commuters will be able to sample the results, and experience the tasty and easy dishes you can create with Old El Paso products – and even take away recipe cards to be able to cook up themselves.
Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Mexican army’s victory over France at the Battle of Puebla in 1862, and is observed in the US and Mexico as a celebration of all things Mexican.
The video series is rolling out across the Food Network channels, digital OOH, blogger outreach and social, to showcase the many exciting combinations of Mexican-inspired dishes that you can make with Old El Paso ingredients. The online partnership will also feature articles showcasing Mexican-inspired cuisine and a competition for a chance to win an Old El Paso party pack.
Five new recipe videos will be released each week for seven weeks from Monday 13th  April, with a new theme per week, such as ‘sides’, ‘tacos’ and ‘desserts’.  The street-food inspired recipes include Huevos Rancheros, Pulled Pork Fajitas, and Salted Caramel Tortilla Pie.
UM London will promote the series via social media, working closely with Ogilvy social, whilst Reprise, UM’s specialised search agency, will handle PPC for the launch.
Lauren Hertzenberg from UM London, said: “The Old El Paso audience are constantly seeking food inspiration online and our easy-to-follow recipe videos on Food Network will reach customers at these key moments. We are also excited to be able to bring our content to life in Victoria Station with Andy on Cinco De Mayo, to inspire commuters to make tasty, Mexican-inspired dishes for themselves.”
Rachael Clutton, brand manager of Old El Paso said:
“We’re pleased to be involved in this digital content-led campaign with UM London, which is a new approach for the brand. This activity was all about showcasing the breadth of our products, and creating meal time inspiration. The Cinco de Mayo event in Victoria really brings Old El Paso™ to life. It allows us to take our new and tasty recipes to the streets, for people to try and enjoy, whilst showcasing the exciting range we have and the delicious recipes, which can be so easily made.”
Via: Field Marketing and Brand Experience

Michael Brown, MD psLIVE, talks about Experiential Architecture

Michael Brown, MD of psLIVE, pops along to Google’s retail experience inside Curry’s flagship store in London’s Tottenham Court Road for his first blog for Event.
The Google retail experience inside Curry’s in London’s Tottenham Court Road has reached the grand old age of over a month! Which is a time frame well beyond the life expectancy of your average pop-up.
Tottenham Court road store
A few weeks on from launch, I thought I would drop by to see whether or not the experience is still alive and kicking: Do we need to pension it off or are we, as I believe, seeing the evolution of a new opportunity to diversify our services; to build on the notion of retail experiential to become experiential architects?!
 Google portal in the London store
Vend: The online POS software provider predicted that more web brands would be setting up in bricks and mortar in 2015 – they pointed to Birchbox’s shop in New York as proof of this. The launch of Google’s store in March backs up their clairvoyance and other earlier precedents might include eBay’s in-store partnership with Argos and the fact that Microsoft are rolling out ever more retail outlets – their latest in São Paulo opened this week.
Moreover, they say that in order for these online brands to compete with the established players on the high street, they will need to focus on the experience, as opposed to plonking stuff on a shelf in a supermarket and expecting people to buy it. This mirrors long held views about the shopper experience. As far back as 2006, the seminal book Retailization spoke about shoppers only being loyal to the superior shopping experience and asked marketers if shopping for your brand was a fun-filled and exciting thing to do.
 Experiential doubters
Almost a decade later, and there is still much marketing theorising about the point of engagement getting ever closer to the point of purchase, which is particularly salient for the future of our discipline: For, while we all know and love the myriad benefits of doing experiential, who hasn’t come against the odd cynic in a pitch for instance, or at a chemistry meeting who is an experiential doubter?! The sort of person who darkly mutters something about how you can’t link what we do to actual sales uplift, despite your best persuasive efforts. Which is actually a fair enough reaction if we practitioners cannot actually prove a correlation!
While there is plenty of research linking sales uplifts directly with experiential – the EventTrack 2014 Study out of the US for instance – Google, Birchbox, eBay et al are plumping for the safest option it seems and setting up shop err… in a shop. Which makes the point of engagement and the point of purchase so close that they risk getting hot and steamy, and we should perhaps draw the curtains.
If, then, in the future, every online brand wants to build a retail experience around their core offer, then forget hiring a shop fitter! Who better to design an engaging consumer journey through a store than an experiential practitioner? Who better to dictate how the experience will impact on the structure of a store and the customer journey through it?
This is not so much “Retail Experiential” but “Experiential Architecture”. It is different from the pop-up, which in terms of design and experience has to fit into a designated or pre-existing space, and often has to be mindful of any co-partners brand guidelines – as in the case with Google and Curry’s PC World.
In other words, the ambition of the pop-up or retail experiential risks compromise by the limitations of the space whether brand led, physical or regulatory – ever tried to build a wall higher than 2.5 metres in a mall space?! Is anyone else seeing the opportunity here?
Experiential Architecture
Agency TRO certainly do. On its website they state that they are leading the way in retail experiential. Could they become architects?!  Michael Wyrley-Birch, chief operating officer for TRO EMEA, outlines his view here:
 “As sales move online, every brand interaction is a retail opportunity. Consumers are therefore looking for something different from the physical retail space – be it education or entertainment. We are in the business of creating face-to-face live experiences that stand-out, and are relevant and authentic to the brand and product story.
“It is not surprising that this is more and more within the retail environment. We are excited about the future of retail experience and continuing to offer innovative ways for brands to engage physically with people taking it beyond a purely transactional relationship.”
 London’s green bridge
In my opinion, this opportunity is not limited to the retail sector only: It’s potentially everywhere you look e.g. The Mayor of London’s office rubber-stamped plans for an, admittedly controversial green bridge on the Thames last year.  This initiative will effectively turn the river into a green playground. It is an entirely experience-led proposition that could sell London as the green city of the future, and add more experience led visitor attractions to the Capital, as well as being useful to Londoners.
I bet they have not even thought about engaging an experiential consultant to help design the experience, the user journey and advise on how that should impact on the architecture to have the best impact on the people participating in the experience. In a world where people actually value experience over product, it won’t take much imagination to identify many other opportunities where consultants like us can get involved.
I don’t know about you, but I fancied becoming an architect as a kid. I may just do that now.
Via:Event Magazine

Adidas launches Supercolor with Hackney light show

Sportswear brand Adidas Originals celebrated the launch of its new Superstar Supercolor range with an interactive light show over London’s Hackney Reservoir last week (1 April).

More than 60 interactive lights lined the venue, which were controlled by guests through Twitter. Participants could choose from five colours selected from the 50-strong Supercolor collection and tweet their choice, along with the hashtag #supercolor.

Clothes also appeared floating above the water along with a ‘smoking gun’ trefoil, in a nod to the campaign film starring Pharrell Williams. The singer appeared on a screen to thank guests for coming just before 9pm, before the Supercolor Live synchronised laser and music experience began.

Dance music act Koreless performed live as a lightshow designed by Marshmallow Lazer Feast took place.

Other highlights inside the main venue included Supercolor Wheel, a doodle-board made from all 50 trainer shades, and the Sneaker Tree, where the new product line appeared to grow organically from a tree’s branches.

Adidas worked with psLIVE UK to create the experience, along with Carat and John Doe Communications.

LEGO Ninjago project onto the White Cliffs of Dover

Sunday 8th February: The LEGO group announced it is the year of the Ninja with a star-studded red carpet premiere, in London’s Leicester Square, for its forthcoming animated season, LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu: The Tournament of Elements which launches on Cartoon Network from 10th February.
To celebrate Season 4, psLIVE created an awesome projection onto the White Cliffs of Dover of some of the main Ninjago characters.
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Coca Cola España celebrates the New Year in spectacular style

To celebrate the end of 2014 and to welcome in 2015, Coca Cola took over the Puerta del Sol in Madrid with this spectacular Karaoke video mapping project created by Posterscope/psLIVE Iberia.  Thousands of people joined in the singing as the clock struck midnight.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]bRctZk-5UYY[/youtube]

psLIVE bring Woman In Black to Life in scare prank

Film group Entertainment One tasked experiential agency psLIVE with bringing to life the Woman In Black to market the horror character’s latest film, Angel of Death.

psLIVE responded with two spooky stunts as part of the film’s #SheNeverLeft publicity campaign.

The first prank took place at the Odeon in Greenwich on 20 and 21 December and featured a poster that came to life. An actress dressed as the spooky spectre hid behind a translucent screen and screamed as the poster lit up to scare unsuspecting passers-by.
The second stunt took place at Odeons in Kingston and Newcastle on New Year’s Day, where the Woman in Black walked through the cinemas scaring movie-goers as her film played.
Balpreet Mangat, business director at psLIVE, said: “We were thrilled to work on the hotly anticipated release of The Woman in Black: Angel of Death. It has been a pleasure to work with a film studio that is keen to push the boundaries and create a stir amongst fans.
“The pranks have gone down really well with viewers and we’ve seen some hilarious reactions from fans who have been genuinely scared.”
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]Wlqb2AZ14c8[/youtube]

2015 Forecast: Positive Outlook for Experiential

Michael Brown, MD psLIVE, spoke to Event Magazine about his predictions about experiential in 2015. 
Is there a positive 2015 outlook for experiential marketing?
psLIVE is looking at 52% growth on last year’s performance as we come to the end of the year. If I couple that with significant approved projects in 2015, the outlook seems very positive at this stage.
Big trends for the next 12 months?
The thing that most enters our sphere of influence is big data. All experiential agencies are striving to make what they do as relevant and as measurable as possible. The near future will see more and more experiential agencies invest more in this. Without such weaponry, an agency can only operate as an event producer as opposed to a genuine experiential marketing business.
Another marker for us in 2014 that looks set to grow next year is the deployment of live content from the experiential activity to the paid, digital out-of-home campaign. We have an increased number of case studies, including Center Parcs, Very Beauty and Littlewoods, in which the live experience has been created to inform the DOOH campaign with compelling content. We have used a proprietary tool called Liveposter to implement these new initiatives, which allows the deployment of live data and content to change the creative on digital panels either singularly, nationally geo-targeted.
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