'Silly' proposal encourages more Koreans to participate in Earth Hour

Cheil Worldwide and WWF Korea held hands to create a campaign to increase participation of Koreans in Earth Hour, a global movement of turning lights off for an hour to fight climate change.
In order to draw more Koreans to take action, Cheil Worldwide opened an event in the middle of downtown Seoul where a special street light was installed with a light switch placed high up on it. Drawn in by the challenge, more than 500 people tried various methods, from jumping to forming human pyramids in an attempt to switch off the light. This highlighted an important fact- if the public can try so hard to switch off a light with the switch so high up, why can’t they turn off the easily accessible switch in their homes or offices?
Therefore, Cheil Worldwide created a ‘silly’ proposal that suggests placing the switch higher than the construction standard, and sent it to construction companies, district offices, city halls and even met the Mayor of Seoul.
The whole story of A Dumb Proposal was made into a video and released through WWF Korea’s Facebook page. In just 7 days, the video recorded more than 570 thousand views. As a result, the number of visitors to the WWF Korea’s Facebook page and the fundraising tripled. Also, more than 3,000 companies and 30 landmarks took part in, as the numbers doubled from last year’s.
The ‘ridiculous’ proposal was a success, leading to more Koreans than ever before to participate in Earth Hour.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]1AHJHKFl0-c[/youtube]
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