Pringles creates edible cloud based on the nation's favourite flavour

Crisp brand Pringles created an edible flavour cloud in London on the 26th April with TV personality, Kelly Brook.

The invention was developed following a survey, conducted by Pringles, which asked people to predict food technologies of the future. Submissions included a pill that delivers all of the flavours in a meal, to a snack drawer that automatically replenishes stock.

Most Brits believed it would be 2037 before they could taste on their favourite flavours in the air, but Pringles has proved them wrong with today’s stunt.

The cloud, which appeared in Potters Field park in London, was three-metres-tall and six-metres-wide and could hold up to 10 cans of Pringles using a unique vortex canon technology.

TV personality Kelly Brook was at the launch as 18% of Brits named her as the celebrity they’d most like to share a snack with.

There was also a ‘selfie station’ at the park with Pringles given away. Visitors were encouraged to share their selfies on social media using the hashtag #PringlesFlavourCloud.

Via: Event Magazine