Snickers saved Valentine's Day with "You're forgetful when you're hungry" billboard stunt

A Valentine’s Day experiential stunt took place at Waterloo station on the 14th, developed by AMV BBDO, Snickers and Primesight. Forgetting to buy a Valentine’s day card for a loved one can be an off-game moment for someone who’s a little hungry – and therefore forgetful – and so Snickers’ ‘You’re Not You When You’re Hungry’ campaign has swooped in to save the day.
This Valentine’s Day, Snickers lent forgetful Londoners a helping hand by running a special outdoor poster with the tagline ‘You’re Forgetful When You’re Hungry’ for three days across Primesight’s 16 Waterloo Domination billboards.
The stunt featured one special interactive 48-sheet featuring the words ‘Forgetful’ made out of Valentine’s Day cards which anyone could peel off and take away to give to their Valentine. Two of the panels provided sequential messaging, directing people to the special build panel.
The reminds passers-by that Snickers is on hand to help the hungry and forgetful on Valentine’s Day. On the days following, 15th February and 16th February, more cards were available on the poster, reading ‘Sorry I forgot. On the plus side, booking a restaurant should be easier. Happy Belated Valentine’s’.
What would we do without Snickers?
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Primesight wins Outdoor Sales Team of the Year for the second year running

For the second year running,  Primesight was awarded Outdoor Sales Team of the year at the Campaign Media awards. This was on the back of last week’s Media Brand of the Year win at the Media Week Awards
The Award recognised Primesight’s outstanding achievements including winning the Manchester Airports Group contract, strong emphasis on collaboration and innovation, continued thought leadership, and perhaps most importantly their commercial success.
Signature Outdoor and Exterion Media were shortlisted in the category.

Primesight Unveils its Largest Ever Digital Roadside Screens

Coca-Cola, Vodafone and Sky are among some of the first brands to advertise on Primesight’s first digital 96-sheet roadside panels.
The 10 new screens – the largest out-of-home format – will join 52 existing D48-sheets and form part of Primesight’s wider strategy to reach 100 digital roadside sites by the end of the year.
The latest additions are expected to give an ‘audience impact’ of almost 9.5 million, with Mondelez, BMW, Eurostar and British Airways also on board at launch.
“We’re thrilled to be building on last year’s success in rolling out Network with this new D96 panel, the largest and most ambitious format of its kind,” said CEO Naren Patel.
“Primesight is focused on offering a broader array of DOOH solutions to help drive the market forward and offer even bigger, more creative and dynamic solutions for clients.”
Vanessa Eagle, business director at Posterscope, said: “In this dynamic and evolving media market, the continuous development of new digital products makes OOH an exciting area for advertisers to invest.
“Our clients demand more flexibility, more contextual advertising and more opportunity to innovate and cut through. Large Format Digital OOH sites such as the Primesight Digital 96s deliver on these demands and we are delighted to work with Primesight for the launch of their new national packs.”
The news comes as Primesight takes control of Manchester Airports Group’s ad contract for the next five years, which covers four UK airports at Manchester, London Stansted, East Midlands and Bournemouth.
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Five Trends for OOH In 2016 According to Naren Patel, CEO, Primesight

Out-of-home (OOH) adspend in the UK broke the £1 billion barrier in 2014, and is predicted to grow by 4.8% in 2016, according to forecasts from the Advertising Association and Warc. But what are the trends that will help the industry achieve – and hopefully better – such predicted growth?
1) Audience selling: moving from panel to people
Route, a research firm which produces audience estimates for OOH advertising, is now an intrinsic part of any outdoor campaign planning process. But in 2016, the industry will actively move towards Route becoming the base point for the entire trading process. This is being driven by two streams of influence.
Firstly, the rise of the internet and programmatic trading has highlighted the core function of ad investment to buy audience exposure, rather than investing to own a piece of real estate. Whether the platform is a classic poster or a digital display, it is necessary to quantify the audience reached and allow advertisers to integrate this data with their increasingly sophisticated econometric investment models.
Secondly, as automated trading systems are developed by buyers and sellers to improve operational efficiency, they will need to incorporate a base audience impact measurement which is recognised by both buyers and sellers as part of the OOH format and location valuation. Route provides this underlying base data for nearly all the frames in the UK and has been a successful joint investment by buyers and sellers across the industry.
2) Layering: better blending of digital and classic OOH
Digital out-of-home (DOOH) will continue to develop at pace throughout 2016, with research from BrandScience suggesting an optimum 45% of the OOH budget should be allocated to DOOH. The same research, however, also concluded that digital should only account for 20% to 25% of frames, which presents a problem as digital costs significantly more than classic OOH.
Advertisers will begin to use DOOH more effectively alongside classic OOH, making use of the unrivalled reach of traditional poster sites with the ability to buy digital posters in day parts that are best suited to deliver the required audiences, making DOOH more effective in the process.
Digital amplification of the power of classic OOH requires a fundamental link between the creative process and the delivery platform in order to create the right ad at the right time. This year will see creatives think more broadly about what “out-of-home” means to their specific advert in terms of the what, why, where, when and how.
More frequently, the medium itself will contribute to the message – and creatives need to design with this in mind for both digital and classic OOH.
3) Automation
Global spend for programmatic digital display advertising is estimated to reach $53 billion by 2018, according to Magna Global. And OOH will play a meaningful part in that growth.
As hinted at by this shift, we are about to enter the third era of transaction. The first involved carbon copy and Royal Mail; the second, in the early-1990s, brought Excel and email. The third is all about demand-side platforms (DSPs), supply-side platform (SSPs) and application programming interfaces (APIs).
This requires improved data structures and encoded transaction rules, both of which the OOH industry is actively engaged in developing, having launched SPACE as the core inventory database in autumn 2015. The unique data-management application – which stores, categorises and standardises every piece of OOH inventory within the UK market – means the transfer of data will be improved, and makes automation and programmatic ripe for growth in 2016.
There are three important developments for transaction technology in OOH:
1. “Pull-to-trade” links the inventory management systems of media owners to their major trading partners and enables partners to pull details of suitable inventory by format and location, as well as providing a real-time assessment of classic poster inventory availability.
2. “Click-to-buy” enables the open purchase of a billboard through online search, transaction and artwork provision. Several software companies have developed interfaces to make this work. The system effectively operates as a selfservice shop enabling easy access to new customers, as well as improved efficiency. It is already in use in some markets around the world.
3. “Download-to-digital” is seeing companies develop plug-ins that connect online digital trading desks to the outdoor digital inventory.
4) Media owner cross-fertilisation will begin
Areas of interest among media owners will become less siloed. Companies in the OOH industry will branch out further from their original areas of expertise and develop links with mobile, tech and data companies. Expect to see OOH strengthen relationships with mobile and hyper-local online ad sales. If OOH is being used to target audiences based on proximity, it would make sense to serve online and/or mobile impressions to the same audience.
Digital OOH also makes it possible to sync advertising across multiple channels. Lucozade’s “Find Your Flow” campaign is a good example of this cross-fertilisation, as it effectively synced radio spots with digital billboards.
Media owners will look to offer more than just advertising space and will adapt to the changing, connected urban environment. We expect to see more beacons and WiFi networks deployed in 2016, and live data feeds will be used more frequently to drive the creative content on Digital OOH.
5) OOH will be seen as the next growth medium
The presence and reach of OOH continues to grow as the population – and the amount of time people spend out-of-home – increases, while the substantial financial investment in product is accelerating, too. OOH’s ability to act as a primer for more interactive channels is being better understood. This traditional medium has never been more current.
Research from BrandScience confirms this, finding that increased investment in OOH as part of the communications mix drives ROI for advertisers. More specifically, the report recommends that, for sales effect alone, grocery retailers should use OOH as the lead medium for spends of under £25 million a year.
The article was first published on 11th January by Warc, a source of ideas and evidence for marketing professionals.

Primesight Selects BroadSign for Delivery of Dynamic Content and Accountability

Primesight is converting its portfolio of digital displays to the BroadSign International, LLC software platform as part of its on-going drive to offer clients a seamless DOOH experience with increased accountability.
The integration with BroadSign’s cloud-based platform will give advertising clients access to the richest industry-leading reporting. Primesight has already converted its full large format digital estate to BroadSign and will soon complete the transition with its small format screens located in cinemas and subway.
Primesight selected BroadSign due to its flexible and comprehensive offering with regards to the delivery of dynamic content and proof of digital performance.
“BroadSign has provided an effective solution to our key requirements for digital transmission and display, which include an integration with our inventory management system, full flexibility for scheduling and accountable play out reporting,” said Paul Daniels, Operations Director at Primesight.
Primesight’s purely ad-based network is composed of traditional and digital out-of-home formats, with the latter enabling advertisers to buy a percentage of time in any clock hour dependant on their needs.
“In addition to being one of the most prestigious OOH networks in the United Kingdom, Primesight is a business driven by responsiveness, accountability and incredible performance,” said Skip Beloff, Vice President of Sales at BroadSign.
“These values coincide with BroadSign’s own and we look forward to a strong partnership in this highly innovative region.”

Jo Brand’s Hell of a Walk Supported by @Primesight

Primesight is supporting comedienne Jo Brand as she undertakes her BT Sport Relief Challenges: Jo Brand’s Hell of a Walk, by sharing live tweets via its digital Network of roadside billboards as she progresses on her journey.
The cross-country hike, taking place from January 22-28, will see Jo Brandwalk the breadth of the UK in a bid to raise awareness for mental health issues. Money raised will be used to help transform the lives of some of the most disadvantaged people in the UK and overseas.
Primesight is donating media space within its national portfolio of digital roadside 48-sheet billboards, Network, to follow Brand as she makes the 150-mile trip – Primesight’s billboards in Leeds, Sheffield, Manchester and Liverpool will rally support by pulling and displaying the tweets, while increasing visibility for Brand.
Andrew Goldsmith, Sales Director at Primesight, told us “We’re thrilled to support Jo Brand’s challenge. Our growing Network is proving to be a major asset for our clients and it’s definitely even more rewarding when it can help to connect people for a great cause.”
Rosie Baker, Senior Marketing Executive at Comic Relief, said: “We’re delighted to be working with Primesight and LivePoster to help amplify Jo Brand’s incredible challenge for Sport Relief 2016, as she walks from the Humber Bridge to Liverpool. A big part of our strategy is to engage local audiences and the flexibility of Primesight’s digital network has really allowed us to do this, hand-picking the sites that are closest to Jo’s walking route.
“Not only that, but the ability to update the creative on these panels in real time to showcase tweets of support from the public will enable us to bring the Jo Brand challenge to life.”
Last year Primesight’s Network of digital roadside 48-sheets reached 50 billboards across the UK, making it the UK’s broadest-reaching DOOH network for the best value of its kind.
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Primesight is Launching a Festive Competition…

The nationwide competition will use Primesight’s digital roadside in five of the UK’s biggest cities and invite the industry to spot Santa

Primesight is launching a festive competition to celebrate the expansion of it’s network of digital roadside 48-sheets, which reaches 50 this week.
The nationwide competition will use Primesight’s digital roadside 48-sheets in five of the UK’s biggest cities and invite the industry to spot Santa as he progresses on his annual rounds.
Every day from December 7-11, each of the five sites in Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and London will display a cryptic clue hinting at the whereabouts of Santa. Primesight will share the clues with its network of clients, allowing them to guess the location and enter a daily prize draw.
Naren Patel, CEO of Primesight, said: “Our Christmas campaign marks a milestone and highlights the national reach of our digital screens, while offering our clients a fun, interactive way to celebrate the festive season.
“2015 has been an important year for Primesight and has seen real growth in our digital portfolio. Our ambition is to reach 100 digital 48-sheets in 2016, offering exceptional coverage across the UK while providing high-quality advertising solutions and creative opportunities for clients.”
Primesight’s ambition is to help drive the market forward, offering a broader array of digital OOH solutions, flexibility and dynamism, while offsetting the concentration of digital billboards in London and allowing advertisers to maximise audience reach and improve targeting across the UK.
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Primesight leads a panel discussion on the subject of DOOH in Manchester

Creativity, Context, and Data were the main themes discussed during Primesight’s media seminar on the 8th September 2015 @ MediaCityUK accompanied by a set of challenges to be overcome by the industry
In a first regional thought leadership event on the subject of digital out-of-home, Primesight led a breakfast seminar that saw the industry experts Sam Grant (Regional Director, Posterscope), Jeremy Taylor (Strategy Director, Grand Visual), Paul Sambrook (Business Development & Marketing Director, Rapport) and Mungo Knott (Marketing & Insight Director, Primesight) take part in a discussion about DOOH’s rich past, challenging present and bright future.
Rubbi Bhogal-Wood (Business Director, Primesight) introduced the seminar by giving an overview on digital outdoor growth over the past 10 years, where forecasts for its growth are being beaten every year. Currently, at 27% of all OOH revenue, digital outdoor isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. In fact, latest forecasts mention it reaching a 50% share of OOH expenditure by 2019. With 170 different formats in the UK and £75 million of investment by all outdoor media owners, half of out-of-home’s expenditure may even be reached earlier than in four years from now.
The challenges that are part of the current transformation of the OOH space were debated by the panel, which was moderated by Graeme Hughes (Regional Director, Primesight).
The panel was in agreement that the quality of creative has improved in the past years and has led to many examples of excellent campaigns that have taught media professionals valuable lessons. The examples mentioned included those of Pimm’s Live, Google’s Brand Love, Netflix’s GIF and 20th Century Fox’s Rocky Balboa digital outdoor executions. Mungo Knott talked about scalability still being a challenge despite the increasing digital panel portfolio throughout the UK.
Questions from the audience pointed towards the conclusion that additional research would be valuable to provide additional credentials behind digital expenditure to advertisers. Others pointed to the fact that digital OOH presents a lot of flexibility which pushes the boundaries of traditional trading and requires a change to the trading model to reflect impressions and audiences as opposed to the current uniform pricing per panel format.
The panel also reminded the audience that ‘a classic poster is perfect when there is nothing to take away from it’. The golden rules for digital out of home creative, however, are still being explored – with the opportunities for execution being expanded on an ongoing basis due to the creativity and curiosity at creative agencies, advertising agencies, and media owners alike.
Despite the wide array of tech available to enhance campaigns, panellists pointed out that within the core of a great campaign continues to be the big idea. All experts agreed that a better understanding on the subject of digital outdoor capabilities is vital across all players in the industry. Of course, the boundaries of these capabilities are continuously changing as the industry introduces the use of various third party data and partners with tech business to generate clever and engaging digital outdoor executions.
As a final note, having been asked to point out the one area that the industry has to concentrate on, the panellists covered the importance of adopting a uniform trading model across all media owners (Sam Grant), the clever use of context (Jeremy Taylor), audience pricing and improved campaign reporting to clients (Mungo Knott) and the need for enhanced scheduling and automation within outdoor (Paul Sambrook).
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Crowdfunder and Primesight partner to support publicly funded projects

Primesight has teamed up with Crowdfunder to support public funded projects by offering to cover £10,000 in production costs following the successful#IAmAnImmigrant campaign.

Primesight, one of the UK’s largest suppliers of OOH solutions, originally partnered with fundraising website Crowdfunder to deliver the hugely successful #IAmAnImmigrant campaign, which spearheaded a debate on the positives of immigration in the UK. Primesight’s new partnership with Crowdfunder aims to turn creative ideas into reality by offering funds and allowing easy access to the powerful outdoor advertising platform.
Naren Patel, CEO Primesight, told us “Primesight helped make a huge impact with the #IAmAnImmigrant campaign and we are looking forward to replicating and growing those achievements even further with our latest partnership with Crowdfunder.
“We know that often the next step of marketing and communicating projects can be prohibitive so we are lending our support by offering to waive the production costs for a poster campaign with Primesight, as well as by guaranteeing the best rates on the market.”
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Primesight launches #TheUltimateCanvas for the creative community

Primesight has partnered with Talenthouse, the creative collaboration platform and community of artists across art, design, fashion, film, photography and music, to offer the world’s creative community the chance to showcase their artwork on coveted media space in the UK’s biggest cities.
#TheUltimateCanvas will see artists, designers, illustrators and photographers go head-to-head to create original artwork for Primesight’s 96-sheet billboards, the largest of the out-of-home formats.
Five selected artists will be chosen and each will be showcased in one of five sites across London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and Bristol. A panel of judges from the advertising and media industries will make a decision on the best designs by the end of May. The panel includes Andy Tilley (CSO, Talon OOH), Mel Harvey (Creative Lead, Saatchi Masius), Nicola Thompson (Director of Media, Estée Lauder), Glen Wilson (Managing Director, Posterscope), Richard Jacobs (Marketing Director, Kinetic), Paul Sambrook (Business Development and Marketing Director, Rapport), Mark Craze (Chairman, OMC) and Chris Forrester (Managing Director, Primesight).
Selected artists will have their designs seen by thousands of people every day for a period of two weeks. In addition, all artwork will be showcased in a global gallery amplified across Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest under the #TheUltimateCanvas.
Primesight is encouraging creatives around the world to take full advantage of the panoramic format and arresting visual impact of the 96-sheet, which is 40 foot long by 10 feet high – though the open nature of the competition will offer creatives complete freedom when it comes to their design.

Chris Forrester, Managing Director at Primesight, said:

“#TheUltimateCanvas is an exciting opportunity for experienced or fledgling designers after a challenge. Our 96-sheets have the ability to make a statement like no other classic poster site – and we’re looking forward to discovering beautiful, original artwork that will make entire cities stop in their tracks.”

Maya Bogle, Co-founder of Talenthouse, said:

“At Talenthouse we’re helping brands to open doors to the world’s creative communities where artists of all disciplines can have their work developed, supported, mentored and showcased in the most innovative ways. Advertising platforms like Primesight are taking an innovative approach to unlocking their story by partnering with Talenthouse.