Hilarious Prank Ad Shows Eye-Popping Ouija Board Psychic Terrorizing New Yorkers

New York City-based viral marketing agency Thinkmodo, who previously terrorized New Yorkers with the scarily good ‘Devil Baby’ and telekinetic coffee shop prankvertisements, is back with another hilariously sadistic stunt.
In the ad, a bunch of unsuspecting patrons lured by the prospect of a free reading consult an ouija board psychic.
As the psychic reads out letters, she suddenly pops her eyes out of her skull and yells at them to run, startling them and making them scream.
As if that wasn’t scary enough, the poor customers get another shock when a “dead body” rises from the floorboards and starts flailing around.
The ad was created to promote the upcoming horror movie Ouija, and their reactions were captured on hidden cameras.
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Flush to Paradise

The agency, WC Frisch, has come up with a fun way to advertise Power Activ cleaning products.
Set in a ladies’ bathroom of a shopping mall, an unsuspecting woman has to flush before using the toilet. As she does this, the bathroom unveils ‘The Balls Dream Band’—a hot shirtless boy band that sings about what various Power Activ cleaning products can do.
Some ladies were surprised, and most were enamored by the band’s charm and seductive voices, even flirting with these men as they sang.
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Heat-Sensitive Shipping Materials Double as DHL Ads

It seemed like worldwide shipping company DHL had pulled off an incredible advertising prank, by using other competitors shipping services and using heat sensitive ink to inscribe the words, ‘DHL is faster’ on the boxes. It turns out DHL had nothing to do with the trick, but they are certainly benefiting from the free publicity.
Well-known German ad agency Jung von Matt held an internal creative competition for its staff and the DHL prank was one result. To get around the fact that advertising campaigns can be expensive, Jung von Matt chose to use DHL’s competitors to do the heavy work. The agency created boxes that appeared black when cold — they were stored in walk-in freezers before being picked up — but then would slowly reveal the words ‘DHL is faster’ when they warmed in the carrier vans. Unsuspecting delivery men from competitors UPS, TNT and DPD all had to carry these awkwardly shaped boxes to particularly hard-to-reach locations, ensuring a lot of people saw the amusing message.
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Prankster Distracts Passers-By With Big Mac and ‘Transforms’ Into Someone Else

To prove that their Big Macs are too tantalizing to resist, the latest McDonald’s spot in the UK pulled a prank on unsuspecting Londoners.
In the prank, a man asks a passer-by to take a picture of him and his girlfriend—he is then “transformed” shortly after a large image of a Big Mac blocks him from sight.
The passer-by has no idea that the man appears to be different or has seemingly switched clothes—perhaps proving that the sight of a Big Mac really does distract a person.
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On the Hunt for All-Natural Screams and Laughs

Marketers are officially obsessed with trying to frighten the world-weary populace of New York City. Following the recent devil baby and zombie stunts, here’s footage of the Chobani bear—an animatronic version of the real bear in the Super Bowl commercial—ambushing people in Manhattan, knocking over a hot dog stand and generally hamming it up.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]A2sxE2wL2dU[/youtube]
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Watch Out NYC, There Are Zombies Lurking Below Your Streets

To promote the return of the hit television series ‘The Walking Dead’ this Sunday, cable channel AMC decided to pull a ‘prankvertisement’ on unsuspecting New Yorkers.
In this scare prank, zombie actors were hidden below a sidewalk grate in Manhattan’s Union Square. When unsuspecting pedestrians walked over the grate, the ‘zombies’ would reach out and lunged at their feet with their bloodied hands—scaring them in the process.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]8tLGz7073Vg[/youtube]
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