Sneaky moving pillar explains the benefits of new car insurance policy

Try, Oslo and DNB Insurance created “The Sneaky Pillar,”- a cheeky prank played on unsuspecting people in carpark to explain the benefits of their car insurance policy.
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Summer cab ride turns into winter nightmare to promote new Geostorm film

Unsuspecting taxi passengers took a ride down a frozen street to experience a “Geostorm” to promote the new film by the same name.
They stumbled upon a sub-zero street, complete with frozen traffic cops and delivery men, snow-blown surfaces, and icicles hanging from every surface. It was like a scene from a disaster movie. Which is, of course, the idea.
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Derren Brown Unleashes Demon in Prank to Promote Ghost Train VR Attraction

Regular readers will know Derren Brown is one of my three favourite famouses in the world. As such, to say I’m excited about his Thorpe Park Ghost Train is an understatement, combining two of my great loves – theme parks and… well, him.
Having already sent creepy Victorian dolls out among members of the public to promote the virtual reality ride, the illusionist has now unleashed a ‘demon-type creature’ – one of a number of characters in the experience’s 10-15 minute story line, apparently in a bid to test reaction to it.
The video below shows the creature terrorising the theme park’s staff, reactions thankfully captured on hidden cameras (usual cynicism as to legit nature of prank reactions applies but STILL).
The demon took special effects and prosthetic artists three months to create, having been designed by Derren for the new attraction.
The new attraction, which has 12 multiple journeys and two endings, will ‘provide a thrilling mix of exhilarating live action sequences, 4D special effects, grand-scale illusions, next generation technology, and physical transit, leaving visitors to question where perception ends and reality begins’.
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April Fools' with Clear Channel!

This year, Clear Channel challenged advertisers to tease the nation on April Fools’ Day via our Adshel Live national network. We offered brands the chance to deliver a unique April Fools’ campaign across 500 digital screens, delivering up to 600,000 plays and 1,000,000 impressions. No joke!
We invited advertisers to invent a campaign that intelligently utilised Adshel Live and the power of digital Out of Home on the 1st of the month, when the flexibility of digital creates a truly engaging April Fools’ opportunity. Brands could have their ads displayed to the nation all morning – and then their April Fools’ activity could be revealed instantly come 12pm.
The overall response was fantastic. We subsequently served April Fools’ campaigns from over 10 brands including:
Aunt Bessie’s
Vizeum and Posterscope created a tongue-in-cheek campaign for “Bessie: A true rags to roasts to riches story”, a blockbuster biopic with a release date of April 1st. Featuring Aunt Bessie, spoof reviews and lots of Yorkshire puddings, capturing the brand tone beautifully.
Oreo has a history of topical campaign executions – last year they even staged a real-time #OreoEclipse on our premium brand, Storm’s, Coventry House screen. Given this, it was no surprise to see Mondelez, Posterscope and Carat giving Oreo a taste of the April Fools’ action, using Storm to create their ‘UFOREO’ hoax. Realistic news-flash style adverts created a spoof UFO sighting in central London, which was actually a manned drone.
All of the April Fools’ advertisers created exciting and engaging campaigns that worked fantastically – showcasing the powerful flexibility and context that can be delivered by digital, and harnessing the reach of our estate to engage the UK public with some innovative April Fools’ pranks.
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This 'Candy Kittens' Vending Machine Dispensed Tricks, Not Treats

One of the more ingenious Halloween pranks this year was executed by gourmet candy retailer Candy Kittens in Shoreditch, London. A seemingly innocent bright pink vending machine offering free sweets lured in passersby for a chance to get free products from the brand.
Little did they know, this vending machine dispensed tricks instead of treats. As each person attempted to reach for an anticipated treat, a dark, hairy, scary hand emerged out of the dispensing tray. This video catches all of those priceless reactions. Candy Kittens was able to execute one of the most hilarious Halloween pranks in recent memory, perfectly capturing people’s over-the-top and unrestrained reactions. For those who endured the scare, they were rewarded with a free treat.
Video below:
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Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension: Haunted Open House

To promote the release of Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, Paramount Pictures staged this “Haunted Open House” stunt.
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psLIVE bring Woman In Black to Life in scare prank

Film group Entertainment One tasked experiential agency psLIVE with bringing to life the Woman In Black to market the horror character’s latest film, Angel of Death.

psLIVE responded with two spooky stunts as part of the film’s #SheNeverLeft publicity campaign.

The first prank took place at the Odeon in Greenwich on 20 and 21 December and featured a poster that came to life. An actress dressed as the spooky spectre hid behind a translucent screen and screamed as the poster lit up to scare unsuspecting passers-by.
The second stunt took place at Odeons in Kingston and Newcastle on New Year’s Day, where the Woman in Black walked through the cinemas scaring movie-goers as her film played.
Balpreet Mangat, business director at psLIVE, said: “We were thrilled to work on the hotly anticipated release of The Woman in Black: Angel of Death. It has been a pleasure to work with a film studio that is keen to push the boundaries and create a stir amongst fans.
“The pranks have gone down really well with viewers and we’ve seen some hilarious reactions from fans who have been genuinely scared.”
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