Mediatel announce Connected Consumer 2015 awards shortlist

Known as ‘The Connies’, the awards are now in their third year and are held in celebration of those pioneering new advertising, technological and commercial opportunities in the connected industry.
Aimed at organisations that are devising and powering connected strategies, the shortlist represents a wide variety of media focused businesses – including media owners, agencies, consultancies and technology providers.
Posterscope and Total Media’s campaign for Lenovo was shortlisted under ‘Best use of Connected Data’ category.
Chaired by media consultant Graham Lovelace, the nominees were placed in the safe hands of a number of hand-picked media experts – including Richard Marks, managing director, Research the Media; Stacey Anklam, vice president of client solutions, AutoGraph inc; Rupert Staines, managing director, RadiumOne; Mark Cross, director, Chartroom; and David Pidgeon, editor, Mediatel Newsline.
Commenting on the shortlist, Lovelace, director at Lovelace Consulting, a convergent media specialist, said: “This year’s Connies are the biggest and best. As the shortlist shows, we had entries from right across the industry, and the judges were impressed with the incredibly high quality.
“It reflects the many ways that ‘connectedness’ is making an impact in the way that media owners, agencies and brands target and reach connected consumers, and how technology breakthroughs are making it all possible.
“There’s plenty to learn from these players, and there’ll be plenty to celebrate at The Connies on April 23!”
This year’s awards will be followed by Mediatel’s annual Connected Consumer Conference in June – an all-day event that will see a number of key industry players discuss and debate the current state of the industry.
For more information on how you can attend the awards, please visit Mediatel’s events site.

Posterscope host Let's get Ready to Rumble at Advertising Week Europe

‘Let’s get Ready to Rumble’ was a one-off battle-of-the-brands event hosted by Posterscope to find the creative agency best able to exploit mobile & digital OOH media, fully realising the power and potential to target consumers out of the home. Three agencies, VCCP, Adam&Eve/DDB and M&C Saatchi were fully briefed and on the day had ten minutes to pitch their creative digital-out-of-home ideas for the client brand of their choice….and it was the audience that decided the winner.
Adam & Eve/DDB were the eventual winner and were awarded £100,000 of outdoor space from Posterscope.
Richard Brim, the executive creative director at the agency, presented a campaign to help raise £25,000 for a new wheelchair for a young girl, Laya Zenonos (the daughter of Antony, who works in the IT department at Adam & Eve/DDB.), who has Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1.

Brim’s campaign asks people to tweet about the cause. The Posterscope screens around London will display an image of Laya on a Twitter bird moving across the screen as the number of tweets increase.

People walking past the screens will be prompted to tweet, once they do so a bird will appear on the screen. They will not be asked for a donation.

Once Zenonos moves across the whole screen an ad will appear from John Lewis or Virgin Atlantic, as Adam & Eve/DDB will sell the space back to the brands. Zenonos will move across different screens around the City.

Brim’s idea won an audience vote during the session, which was chaired by Claire Beale, Campaign’s global editor-in-chief.

Jim Thornton, the creative director at VCCP, won £25,000 from Posterscope for his campaign to raise money for the Defence National Rehabilitation Centre. His campaign features an image of a soldier running in a battlefield when an explosion occurs. The people surrounding the poster will get a text that explains the injuries they would receive if they were in the battlefield. The end of the text encourages them to donate £5.

Also presenting during the session was Dave Bedwood, a creative director at M&C Saatchi.

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Why It’s A Good Idea To Go To This #AWEurope £100k Giveaway By Doug Zanger, Director of Social and Marketing of Advertising Week Europe

Doug Zanger, Director of Social and Marketing of Advertising Week Europe,  comments on Posterscope’s ‘Let’s Get Ready to Rumble’ session at Advertsing Week Europe.
“OK, so I’ll admit that the headline on this is a bit deceiving. It’s actually not link bait (yeah right, Doug) — but just hear me out a bit.

First off, this is a cool thing that Posterscope is doing. Essentially, they are pitting three top London agencies to compete for £100k of out-of-home space. This competition includes adam&eveDDB, M&C Saatchi and VCCP. They will give their pitches to not just the fantastic Claire Beale, Editor-in-chief of Campaign — but to the entire audience. Each agency has a whopping 10 minutes to pitch and we will all decide who walks away with the (OOH) loot.
What’s really interesting to me is that this is an excellent way to see how pitches, especially under this amount of pressure and with so much at stake, are done. Most of us are in positions now where we are either 1) directly involved in pitches or 2) could continue to learn how pitching skills could be most beneficial for the work we do. I know that I’ve watched pitches in the past where I’ve taken literal and mental notes. I’ve seen what works and what not to do. All of that has been filed away for those times when I need to make certain points or pitch an idea to the team.
In fact, I just got done voicing this book on pitching for a friend, and I can’t tell you how nice it is to glean some real wisdom and perspective from those who are in the trenches day in and day out. What’s great about this event from Posterscope is that we’ll all be able to see this interesting microcosm of preparation, execution and the ability to adjust on the fly. Something always seems to happen in a pitch, no matter how prepared we are — and just seeing how it can all come together, even in the face of adverse moments, is quite useful.
The other thing here is that these three agencies are really, really good. I have a feeling that more than a few of us may purloin an idea or two (or 10) and sort out how it might be of benefit to the work that we all do. That’s not to say we’ll flat-out steal the ideas, but it might very well give us all some additional inspiration and allow us to think a little differently about OOH and digital.
Sure, someone in the crowd isn’t winning £100k, but we will all walk out of there with something just as, if not more, valuable. Think about it, when it comes time for our own pitches, we can be confident in knowing that we are pulling from resources that can get deals and ideas closed.
And that could very well be worth that £100k — and then some”
Let’s Get Ready To Rumble! £100k Giveaway! presented by Posterscope is Monday, 23 March at 10:30AM on the YouTube Stage at #AWEurope.
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Vauxhall uses real-time temperature data to drive new dynamic digital outdoor campaign for ‘A-Z of Corsa’

A real-time DOOH campaign launched on the 16th February for the new Vauxhall Corsa. The campaign – which is the first of its kind for the automotive sector – uses live weather data to trigger special ad creative dependent on the temperature, promoting the new Corsa’s heated product features.
Planned by Posterscope and Carat, the campaign has been designed to target two specific audiences using ROUTE data. When the temperature is low enough, each audience is targeted with creative about the product features that are most likely to interest them.
The bold all-new Corsa campaign ‘A-Z of Corsa’ is currently displaying ads for the new Corsa across a network of digital screens using the Liveposter platform, showing on more than 500 sites nationwide, (including key cities London, Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow) across shopping centres, cinema, roadside and the London Underground. From today, whenever the temperature drops below 5°C, the creative will switch to highlight the new Corsa’s weather-related product features, such as the heated windscreen, the heated seats and the heated steering wheel.
The ‘A to Z of Corsa’, is an affectionate nod and rebellious take on the Vauxhall Corsa, which has sold over 1.8 million vehicles in its 22 years on the road.  The ‘A to Z of Corsa’ accelerates viewers through a whirlwind of alphabetic themed scenes.  Illustrating everyday British life and driving scenarios from boxers, cricket and dogs, to quiffs, roundabouts, snogging and tea, the ad follows people through their own personal road trips. The soundtrack, ‘There’s a beast and we all feed it’, by Jake Bugg is used across the campaign.
Chris Hawken, Vauxhall brand marketing director, said: “This is the first time General Motors has implemented a dynamic DOOH campaign. Real-time temperature data enables us to bring some of the new Corsa’s best features to life in a way that will help consumers better identify with the creative. Posterscope and Liveposter have helped us to implement a campaign that reacts to the world around it in a way that will help us to better engage our target audience with an unforgettable out-of-home experience.”
Glen Wilson, managing director at Posterscope, said: “DOOH works best when it’s made to work as hard as possible. By delivering content in real-time, this new Corsa campaign is enabling General Motors to reach its target audience via DOOH in what we call ‘right-time’. The temperature-dependant creative enables them to deliver exactly the right message to the right individual at exactly the right time.”
To view ‘A to Z of Corsa’, visit or search ‘NEW CORSA’ for further information.

The Drum reports on Posterscope's Unlocking the Value of Real-Time Roundtable

Brands and agencies thrash out how to break down barriers in DOOH and unlock the value of ‘right-time’ data-informed creativity.  The Drum reports on the recent roundtable hosted by Posterscope.
Investment is flowing into the digital out-of-home (DOOH) space, with more than £75m expected to be invested in the infrastructure this year, yet it’s clear there are some major barriers to overcome if it’s to receive the place it deserves on the media plan.
Confusion over the term ‘real-time’, conflict between creative and media buying agencies, lack of a DOOH-dedicated trade body, and the outdated method of buying, were among the issues tackled by agencies and brands at a recent roundtable debate hosted by Posterscope.
A broad spectrum of agencies, brands, outdoor media owners, and specialist start-ups gathered in London to thrash out what the remaining barriers are to take-up and how the industry must collaborate to unlock the real value of dynamic DOOH.
British Gas’ Hive, 20th Century Fox, Denstu Aegis Network, Starcom Mediavest, M&C Saatchi, Microsoft, AOL, Liveposter, Ocean Outdoor, and Clear Channel were among those participating in the debate
To access the White Paper click here
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Posterscope host 'The Pioneers' – An audience with Sir John Hegarty

On the morning of the 13th January, Posterscope welcomed the media community to its inaugural ‘The Pioneers’ event which to0k place at the Soho Hotel.  The guest of honour was Sir John Hegarty, Worldwide Creative Director and Founder, Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH).
Over 45 minutes, Sir John Hegarty regaled his audience dispersing wonderful insightful nuggets of wisdom taken from his book ‘HEGARTY ON CREATIVITY THERE ARE NO RULES’ about the process of creativity.  Hegarty addressed the following themes…..before concluding with question time with his audience.
‘Sitting on a beanbag doesn’t make you creative’
‘You can have great ideas anywhere’ (but the one place you won’t is in a brainstorm meeting)
‘Excuse me I’m desparate for a creative philosophy….you couldn’t possible direct me to the nearest one?’
‘OK! I’ve got the fire going…who downloaded the story?’
‘Not quite what I had in mind Fanshaw when I said we need to be more daring’
‘You won’t make my bum look big?’
‘Regarding your role as the new Bond villain, the ears will have to go!’
‘Artist fragile handle with care.  I’d like a trade in, I’ve had him 10 years and he’s completely clapped out’
‘Take the head-phones off’
‘Picasso, Dali S,  E.Munch, Rodin, Renoir – Ring for entry’
‘I can’t possibly start the meeting I’m waiting for my ego to arrive’
‘I tried being an optimist, but it’s too much like hard work’
‘I wanna your hand’ – every McCartney needs a Lennon
‘Despite appearances I am incredibly complex, sensitive and prone to prolonged bouts of introspection’
To read MediaTel coverage of the event click here
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Has JCDecaux chosen the wrong time to abandon its trade body?

JCDecaux’s withdrawal from the Outdoor Media Centre is a surprising turn of events, writes the Posterscope chief executive Annie Rickard

We believe that it is pretty much universally acknowledged that the OMC of recent years hasn’t performed as well as it could and as well as other trade bodies have.
Last week, a major market player declined to join the others in their rapidly evolving plans to rebuild their trade body for the future.
It’s a surprising turn of events for many reasons.
Outdoor media is currently in good shape, so individual media owners could feasibly do their own thing, worry about their own bottom lines and the constituent parts could, by default, add up to a healthy whole.
However, it is indisputable that they would benefit more from having a successful trade body to make the medium more accessible to its users.
Audience currency Route would never have gained respect if players had taken a parochial rather than industry view.
It should be acknowledged that JCDecaux, alongside the other investors, played a major part in Route’s creation and now has a global gold standard in out of home audience measurement they can be proud of.
Maybe it’s not a problem that JCDecaux isn’t involved. After all, other media trade bodies have thrived without apparently important members. Channel 5 isn’t part of commercial TV marketing body Thinkbox and it hasn’t exactly held Thinkbox or its remaining members back.
It’s possible that, in the short term, like someone subtly not pulling their weight in a tug of war team, the absent member benefits from the efforts of others.
But it’s tough to keep that up in the long term and the thought that this might be a rationale for a temporary absence is unpalatable?
So what’s the future for OMC? Will it fade without one of the major industry players or will the remaining constituent parts rally and unite to prove their competitor wrong?
It’s important to realise that these are multi-billion dollar businesses where the (relatively small) investment in getting it right will be paid back many hundreds of times over if it is done properly. The sums required to run the OMC properly are pretty insignificant compared to the potential upside, which makes JCDecaux’s decision all the more puzzling.
Posterscope believes that this turn of events presents a unifying opportunity that the talented remaining members of the OMC will not want to pass up.
There are few shrinking violets in the outdoor business so basic human nature will take over and pugnacity will kick in. We are confident that an enlarged constituency of members drawn from the 50 media owners that make up the medium will unite to go on the offensive.
They will want to create initiatives and messaging that will, in the nicest way possible, force their estranged partner to knock at their door and ask to be readmitted to a party that it appears to have left prematurely.
Whether it will be welcomed with open arms once the others have taken the strain for a year or two will be up to the future munificence of the other members.

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Unlocking the value of real-time for OOH advertisers

This report has been published following qualitative and quantitative research conducted by Posterscope into real-time out-of-home (OOH) capabilities and understanding.
‘Real-time’ advertising provides the ability to automatically activate and / or update advertising using live data or content. It has become an area of increasing interest for the OOH industry and advertisers as access to data and digital out-of-home (DOOH) inventory has become more prevalent.
Posterscope held a roundtable with industry leaders – including 20th Century Fox, British Gas (Hive Active Heating), Microsoft, Movember, Doddle, Clear Channel, Ocean Outdoor, AOL, Trigger Buzz, M&C Saatchi, Starcom MediaVest Group and Dentsu Aegis Network – to understand the challenges the industry faces in realising DOOH’s real-time potential.
Posterscope also surveyed more than 100 UK marketing leaders to determine current attitudes towards real-time in DOOH campaigns and industry readiness for adoption.
Click here to read the report

Dentsu Aegis Network Acquires OOH Plus & Launches Posterscope in Latin America

Dentsu Aegis Network today announces the acquisition of Brazil’s leading Out-of-Home agency group, OOH Plus, and the launch of Posterscope in Latin America. Post-acquisition, OOH Plus will operate as the Latin American arm of Posterscope, the world’s leading Out-of-Home Communications agency and one of Dentsu Aegis’ eight network brands, and will be renamed Plusmedia Posterscope. Plusmedia Posterscope will continue to operate under the successful leadership team of founders Marco Antonio de Souza, CEO, and Omar Sahyoun, CFO, who will report into Abel Reis, CEO, Dentsu Aegis Network Brazil.
Headquartered in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro with five offices and 60 staff across Brazil, OOH Plus was founded in 2010 as the holding company for Plusmedia, OOH Media and 2S Producoes. Providing creativity, media planning, production and lay-out services to leading blue-chip companies, Plusmedia, OOH Media and 2S Producoes were founded in 1995, 2005 and 2007 respectively. Immediately prior to closing, the companies were merged into Plusmedia, the unit that was subsequently acquired by Dentsu Aegis Network.
“I am delighted to welcome OOH Plus to the Posterscope network. We have wanted to have a presence in the Latin American market for some time, and believe we have found the right team who share our vision and passion for great Out-of-Home solutions. The growth of digital OOH and the importance of mobile will provide us with opportunities to pioneer and transform Out-of-Home in Brazil for our clients,” said Annie Rickard, Posterscope CEO.
“For Dentsu Aegis Network Brazil, launching Posterscope, a global network brand of the group, is a direct result of the growth of our local operation and confirmation of the vitality of the Brazilian market. OOH Plus, a pioneer in out-of-home media, is a strategic acquisition that strengthens our presence across all media and platforms and will provide a convergence of solutions to our clients,” said Abel Reis, CEO of Dentsu Aegis Network Brazil.
“Joining Dentsu Aegis Network is the result of our consistent growth since the founding of Plusmedia in 1995, demonstrated by our portfolio, our outstanding work for large advertisers, and, in recent years, our consolidated performance and leadership in out-of-home media. Being part of Posterscope enhances the intelligence and latest tools in our offer and contributes to the success of our clients’ businesses, as well as the Brazilian market,” explains Marco Antonio de Souza, CEO, Plusmedia Posterscope.
Dentsu Aegis Network continues to strengthen its full-service footprint in Brazil, adding further expertise to an established network of brands including Isobar, LOV, Dentsu Brazil, NBS, mcgarrybowen, iProspect, Amnet and Copernicus. This acquisition will significantly increase Dentsu Aegis Network’s brand presence locally and will grow the Brazilian team to more than 1400 professionals and more than 100 clients.

Using OOH this Black Friday

As the UK prepares for the one of the biggest shopping days of the year, Posterscope‘s Glen Wilson looks at how retailers can use out-of-home to really reap the rewards.
Black Friday is the biggest online shopping day of the festive season. What started as a US phenomenon in which retailers across the country slashed prices the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday was brought over to the UK by e-commerce giant Amazon in 2010.
Now firmly a fixture in the UK’s Christmas retail firmament, a recent report by Visa Europe forecast that British shoppers will spend more than £1 million every three minutes this year. That’s £360,000 every minute, or £6,000 every second, as consumers race to take advantage of the widespread discounts.
Given that UK consumers are set to exceed the £200 million spent on Black Friday last year, it’s understandable that retailers across the nation are keen to capitalise on the event this time around.
However, as easy as it is to get swept up in the Black Friday buzz, what’s really important for retailers is that the day kicks off a particular retail sales pattern that holds true until Christmas. It helps open up consumer wallets in a way that no other day of the year does, and if retailers are smart about how they advertise, they can ensure those wallets stay open right through to the New Year.
Nowadays everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, which means the landscape has changed for out-of-home advertisers. In November and December 2013, mobile sales reached 35.6 per cent of all online sales (tablets accounting for 22 per cent and smartphones 13.6 per cent). Mobile also accounted for almost half (47.3 per cent) of all online traffic (smartphones accounting for 25.2 per cent and tablets 22.1 per cent).
The rise in 3G and 4G, coupled with smartphone penetration reaching over 70 per cent of people in the UK, means there is little to no distinction in online or offline – consumers are now always on.
A recent study by Deloitte reveals that some 40 per cent of physical shop sales will be digitally influenced, meaning consumers will use some form of digital technology to inform or facilitate their purchase. As consumer connectedness increases, marketeers need their advertising to become more responsive to consumers’ needs, preferences and behaviour, especially during big events such as Black Friday where deals can be changed every few minutes. It’s an urgent day with limited time to make an impact.
However, planning for Black Friday and the Christmas period isn’t so much about real-time advertising than it is about “right-time” advertising. Mondays are often the most popular day for online sales, Saturdays for smartphone sales, weekdays are best for PC sales as people tend to buy things whilst they are at work, and evenings see the most tablet usage and therefore ultimately sales.
So advertisers looking to inspire online sales could offer specific online discounts for customers via out-of-home (OOH) on their commute to work on Monday mornings, or try and coax people into stores on Saturdays with location-specific deals.
Of course, real-time does still have a role to play. Where it can be most effective is in being used to influence particular types of sales at the best possible times of day, and helping retailers track a sale to better understand and influence the consumer’s path to purchase. In Black Friday terms, this could be tracked by the amount of people being influenced by the individual ‘limited time’ deals that are offered throughout the day.
For real-time to work properly it needs to be part of a strategy, and offers need to be informed by data to stimulate sales behaviour. Location, weather and social media data can all help advertisers tailor ads and placement via particular criteria, and can also help to tailor in store deals to make them both more personal and more relevant.
There are several big players involved in Black Friday in the UK space, including John Lewis, Asda and Amazon. Asda, owned by America’s biggest retailer Walmart, last year ran flash promotions within stores, leading to chaotic scenes as consumers rushed to pick up products for “earth shattering prices”.
Amazon this year announced it would be running deals from as early as Monday 24 November to build momentum and customer loyalty before D-Day, including discounts as high as £1,000 off cameras. John Lewis is said to be offering proactive deals, as opposed to price matching, for the first time ever.
There is a huge opportunity for OOH to help support campaigns like this in a more reactive way that better relates to the way in which people spend. OOH now has the infrastructure in place to produce more effective advertising campaigns than ever before, and no sales period is more measurable or more lucrative than the Christmas period Black Friday kicks off.
Data can inform smarter, better, more effective campaigns planned around how, when and where their target audience want to buy. By embracing the power of the new OOH infrastructure and the data that informs it to plan themselves around consumer behaviour, retailers can help ensure that their Black Friday activity kicks off their biggest Christmas ever.
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