Could click and Collect Save the High Street? By Russell Smither, Insight Director, Posterscope

Click and collect truly entered the mainstream in 2014 providing opportunities for retailers, customers and arguably OOH advertising.
Deloitte reported that click and collect had more than doubled in the UK between 2012 and 2014 with total revenues of £5.6bn and 140 million orders last year. And as we enter the Q4 Christmas period, when retail sales peak both online and in store, click and collect is even more significant. John Lewis is a great demonstration of this – in 2014 online shopping accounted for 36% of all John Lewis Christmas sales, but of this an astounding 56% of online shoppers collected their purchases in store.
Similarly, You Gov research amongst almost 2,500 consumers on 29th/30th December 2014 also found that 39% of consumers had used click and collect for Christmas shopping with 53% stating convenience as the driving factor. So clearly click and collect is a growing trend. The table below summarises the main benefits for both consumers and retailers driving its ever increasing popularity.

Collect at convenient time and place               e.g. In store or transport hubs like Doddle Home delivery at capacity
No delivery concerns Reduce delivery costs
Avoid shipping / delivery costs Drive in store footfall
Same day delivery Drive incremental spend
Face to face interaction in store Reignite physical store relationship
Easier Returns
Facilitates impulse / forgotten purchases in store

So you may ask why Posterscope believe click and collect provides such a great opportunity for OOH advertising?
Firstly, the target audience benefitting most from click and collect are young, urban and mobile. Home delivery is not convenient for consumers with busy lives who by definition spend most of their time out of home. A 2014 report stated that almost half of 18-34 year olds experienced problems shopping online at Christmas 2014 largely due to missed or late delivery, which is double the figure for all adults. Click and collect is the ideal solution.
Posterscope’s own proprietary survey OCS (Out of Home consumer survey) which interviews over 5,500 consumers also identifies that consumers who use click & collect have a very strong relationship with OOH advertising. “Click & collectors” are 18% more likely than average to be heavy OOH consumers and 20% more likely to notice OOH adverts. They also have very positive attitudes towards Digital OOH, in particular relevant messaging such as a countdown clock to an event e.g. Christmas (Index 125), providing many tactical opportunities.
Click and collectors not only notice OOH advertising but respond to it. 4 in 10 have responded to an OOH advert in the last week (Index 136) with the most common actions being going online (28%, Index 167) and purchasing in store (11%, Index 142) – both linked to click and collect.
7 in 10 (72%) of click and collectors also search on their mobile devices when out of the home (Index 145) with over half (51%) researching products and services (Index 167).
Secondly, you could argue that OOH advertising has an important dual virtual and physical role regarding click and collect.
Virtually, OOH advertising’s initial role is to drive consumers online across multiple devices to research products and reserve them. But with the rise of click and collect, consumers are now making extra trips to physical stores to collect their reserved products. OOH advertising can therefore provide further inspiration and drive consumers onto their smartphones to research products, compare prices or find store locations during these extra trips to the high street or shopping malls. Deloitte research in 2014 demonstrated that 17% of all in store purchases are influenced by consumers using smartphones within the shopping journey and OOH advertising can therefore help drive this “Mobile Influence Factor.”
Physically, OOH advertising is well known for its use as a driver of store footfall, but as consumers are making extra trips to stores to collect their reserved purchases, OOH can again provide inspiration as a proximity medium acting as the last window of influence.
In fact, you could go as far as to say that click and collect could be the redeemer of the high street. Online has traditionally been a competitor to the high street, particularly at Christmas when gifting is prevalent. Yet click on collect counteracts that trend driving in store footfall and incremental spend. To put a figure on this, research from ebay and conlumino found that British shoppers make an average of 3 extra high street trips in the festive season in order to collect goods purchased online. On each individual trip, consumers spend an extra £27 on impulse, which equates to an additional £1.15bn spend nationally.
So Out of Home with its young, urban, mobile audience and dual virtual / physical retail role could be argued as the ideal medium to make the most of the growing click and collect trend which could define the retail landscape for many years to come.
Sources: IMRG UK Click and Collect Review 2015, IeBay / Conlumino Research, Telegraph, The Drum, Deloitte

psLIVE, Posterscope and PSI get into the Christmas spirit to raise money for the local soup kitchen

In 2015 around 30 of us from psLIVE, Posterscope and PSI have been working in a Soup Kitchen for homeless people based round the corner at the American Church on Tottenham Court Road.
They needed to raise £300 to buy consumables such as paper plates, cups, basic ingredients such as sugar, tea coffee etc, and we thought we could raise that as a Xmas gesture – a neighbourly act so to speak.
So on Tuesday 8th December, between 12 noon and 4pm, a social media booth appeared in our breakout area –generously donated by The Flashpack – one of psLIVE’s delivery partners, and everyone was asked to join in the fun to raise money for this worthy cause. Props and a snowy backdrop was provided and then the fun began.
On Friday 11 December the organisers of the Soup Kitchen paid a vist to the Qube where we presented a cheque to the value of £462, which was gratefully received.

Michael Brown, MD psLIVE, was voted 4th most influential person in the events industry

The top 100 professionals in the Event Industry were announced last night (7 December) at Event’s Christmas party, which took place at the American Express Invites lounge at The O2.
Michael Brown, Managing Director psLIVE, on being awarded fourth place said “I think it would be no exaggeration to say that 2015 has been a very good year for psLIVE. There has been some genuinely spectacular work, in particular for adidas, BT and Heineken. We have seen 80% growth on last year and the people in psLIVE have risen to meet the challenge of a fast paced business in a very competitive market.  I am very pleased and proud to say I am surrounded by some very smart people who have collaborated to really land our USPs in the sector this past year. This is the reason that a jury of our industry peers awarded us the Agency of the Year title, along with lots of other awards in sector. It’s the reason clients keep briefing us, and why we have grown ahead of the market. My ranking at number 4 in the Event 100 is obviously a proud moment on a personal level, but it is actually a reflection of our team ethos – it speaks to the quality of the wider team around me, and the reputation of this agency.
There are some exciting changes ahead for psLIVE in 2016, and I am confident that the team will grow even further to meet the new challenges ahead, and we all look forward to delivering ever more ambitious results orientated work, and maintaining our impressive growth trajectory”.

Posterscope Win ‘Best Digital Campaign’ at the Drum’s Creative Out of Home Awards

On Tuesday 24th November Posterscope, in collaboration with Carat and Liveposter, won the award for best digital campaign for their British Gas Hive Activation campaign.
The campaign, which featured live content served in real time, targeted commuters and air travellers heading home (to a cold house) using a variety of digital screens across London train stations, bus stops, office foyers as well as Heathrow airport.
The responsive ads pulled-in live temperature, travel and transport updates tailored to the environments to remind travellers and commuters that with Hive they can control their heating and hot water from their phone.  Messages such as ‘Chilly back in Blighty? Get your home all cosy from your phone’ and ‘Keep the Malaga Mood’, as wells as expected bus and train departures and arrivals were served via the Liveposter CMS platform.
[vimeo width=”300px” height=”200px”]139929777[/vimeo]

Bethesda uses social behaviour to optimise Fallout 4 game OOH campaign

Posterscope and Target Media, working with Locomizer and Clear Channel UK, have developed a pioneering Out of Home (OOH) advertising campaign for Bethesda’s Fallout 4 game release, using social tracking on Twitter to influence the distribution of their OOH communications.
The campaign, which is the first of its kind for a gaming client in the UK, sees Posterscope integrate Planner – its audience optimisation tool – with Locomizer’s audience discovery engine, to deliver hyper-targeted advertising.  The discovery engine uses geo-behavioural user-interest profiling technology to understand where and how audiences interact in the social space, highlighting key hotspots around the UK where consumers are engaging in relevant conversations for Bethesda’s gaming audience whilst out of home.
Using this social geo-behavioural data, Posterscope has been able to work closely with Clear Channel UK to optimise the distribution of the broadcast element of their campaign, overlaying Locomizer’s social hot spots with OOH sites through Planner. This unique approach of micro-targeting the gaming audience will ensure that, in addition to the awareness and standout that a multi format and multi environment campaign will deliver, opportunities to achieve engagement out of home and drive further consideration in social media are increased.
Dan Carey, business director at Posterscope, said: “This is a fantastic evolution of data-driven behavioural targeting, and we are excited to be putting it into action for Bethesda. The Locomizer platform offers a unique opportunity to target consumers out of home which, by giving us an understanding of social behaviour, will give brands the potential to influence consumer’s actions in both the physical and online space”.
Tom Wallace, AD from Target Media, said: “We are delighted to be collaborating with Posterscope and Clear Channel on such an innovative campaign. Posterscope’s data will enable us to gain increased cut-through and interaction for Bethesda within our key target audience. This is especially important during the pre-Christmas period within the gaming sector, where a number of other competitors are also active in the OOH space.”
Alexei Poliakov from Locomizer said: “We are very proud to be working with Posterscope and Bethesda to deliver this UK-first campaign.

The Real World November 2015

The Real World is Posterscope’s monthly Out-of-Home market update, containing latest industry news, key facts and figures and some really cool OOH campaigns.  The presentation can be accessed here

Jameson's use Locomizer to enable hyper targeted campaign

Posterscope has developed a unique Out of Home (OOH) advertising campaign for Jameson Irish Whiskey that launched in time for the Rugby World Cup.
The campaign is the first of its kind in the UK and will enable Jameson to branch out from focusing simply on physical proximity to bars to ensuring advertising is in the most relevant locations, right across consumers’ lives.
Posterscope will be using Locomizer, an audience discovery engine based on geo-behavioural user interest profiling technology, to enable hyper-targeted advertising – a first for the UK.
Jameson’s campaign will target drinkers throughout their week by looking at places and surroundings where customers tend to spend their time using a new technique of audience discovery and segmentation. This targeting strategy will allow Jameson to reach their audience at multiple touchpoints throughout their day, increasing frequency of message.
Ryan Hedditch, Business Director at Posterscope said: “This is a fantastic evolution of targeted advertising and we, in partnership with Havas Media, are excited to be putting it into action for Jameson. We have analysed modelled and historic data on all of those customers we want to be able to reach. Understanding location behaviour of consumers allows us to identify geographical hotspots where our audiences are likely to congregate at, when they are not at the interest affinity locations.”
Vicky Hoey, Head of Marketing at Jameson said: “We are very excited about this unique campaign, which will enable us to gain increased cut-through and resonance with our audience. This is particularly important during these upcoming sporting occasions where consumers will be inundated with advertising.”
Toby Hawkins, Account Director at Havas Media, said: “This campaign will enable us to target Jameson consumers throughout their week and not just when they are headed to the pub for a drink. Locations and format have been chosen with this in mind.”
Posterscope’s data has also allowed them to improve format targeting. The campaign will utilise location-based digital advertising in partnership with mobile media partner xAd, as well as digital roadside screens in high footfall locations, large format digital screens powered with Dynamic Digital OOH and Underground LCDs.
The campaign launched on the 18th September and will run in bursts across a total of 7 months.

Posterscope launch new offices in Japan and Romania

Posterscope has recently launched new offices in two new markets; Japan and Romania.
The office in Japan, Posterscope’s 51st office and 33rd market, is based in Tokyo, and is being led by Ben Milne, who is focussed on providing Posterscope’s best-in-class practices and OOH solutions through technology partnerships, to global advertisers in Japan.  Posterscope’s proprietary consumer insight tool, OCS, has been extended to the Japanese market, and the ECOS mapping system will be available online from November, whilst Posterscope’s data-led planning approach and programmatic OOH ecosystem will also be rolled out over the next few months.
Posterscope also opened an office in Romania earlier this month. The new office, which was formally Touch Media, is headed up by Managing Director Lucian Balan, (previously MD of Touch Media) and is located in Bucharest.
The Posterscope network consists of almost 900 people in 52 offices, located in 34 countries worldwide.

Posterscope and Blue 449 partner on Project Everyone to deliver the world’s largest ever digital Out-of-Home campaign

Project Everyone ─ the brainchild of filmmaker and comic relief founder Richard Curtis ─ launched on September 26 2015 with the aim of sharing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (a series of ambitious targets to put an end to extreme poverty and tackle climate change for everyone by 2030), with seven billion people over seven days across an extensive range of platforms including digital OOH screens.
Out-of-Home communications agency Posterscope and media agency Blue 449 joined forces with their media partners across the globe to deliver the world’s largest ever digital OOH campaign in order to raise awareness of the initiative. Over 125 media partners came on board enabling the ad to be shown on over 146,000 screens in 450 cities, around 28 different countries, in busy central locations including Piccadilly Circus in London, Swanston Street in Melbourne, Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur, Shibuya Crossing and Shinjuku Kabuki-cho in Tokyo and Times Square in New York.
Richard Curtis, founder of Project Everyone, said “The best chance of the UN’s global goals being met is if everyone is aware of them, and that’s where Project Everyone comes in, along with the support of its many partners. I have been overwhelmed by the response of brands, consumers and institutions alike to this initiative. Posterscope and Blue 449 have been instrumental with getting out of home media owners on board to help us get our messages across, to really raise public awareness of the issue at hand. With their help, we have secured sites in the busiest areas of key cities around the world to visualise the global goals and what Project Everyone stands for.”
Annie Rickard, Global CEO of Posterscope, said, “It is a great opportunity to be involved in an initiative like Project Everyone. We are delighted to be able to capitalise on our media network and connections to help raise awareness around the issues at hand and hopefully, slowly but surely, change the way we live and the world we live in.”
Phil Georgiadis, Chairman at Blue 449, said, ”There is no better an opportunity than Project Everyone to demonstrate the power of open source collaboration. Posterscope has secured through their media owner partners an extraordinary level of exposure for the Global Goals and in the process reminded us all of the broadcast impact of the Outdoor Medium”
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]lSABqEYwD8k[/youtube]

Posterscope shortlisted in Data Storytelling awards

For 2015, Marketing Week’s annual celebration of the great and good in the data industry is reborn. The new name, Data Storytelling Awards, is not just a rebadging exercise decided on a whim; it is a reflection of the changing nature of how brands are using data to drive business success.
Data is being utilised to transform businesses, processes and most importantly, sales performance. In just a few years, the conversation is no longer about why data is going to change marketing, it’s about how it is bringing brands’ stories to life.
This year’s shortlist crystalises this journey perfectly. Whether it is how brands are successfully harnessing the new possibilities real time automation presents to create engaging and highly effective campaigns or the increasingly canny exploitation of data to drive results via ‘traditional’ channels such as direct marketing, the shortlist is all encompassing.
Looking over the shortlisted entries, it is rewarding to find that although data is the fuel for an array of platforms, tools and channels, the measures of success are generally the same: they generated impressive return on investment. All those shortlisted were clear in their description of the success against objectives.
Posterscope has been shortlisted in the Customer Experience category with their campaign for Lenovo.
For the full list of shortlisted campaigns click here