Surprising pop-up store challenges Valentine's Day conventions

Talking teddy bears. Boxes of candy. Jewelry. Greeting cards covered with hearts. These may sound like typical Valentine’s Day gifts for your sweetie-pie.
But at the One Love Foundations’s #LoveBetter pop-up shop in New York City, such items aren’t exactly tokens of affection. They’re not even for sale. Rather, the products are designed to start meaningful conversations about healthy and unhealthy relationships by shining a spotlight on toxic behaviors.
The bear, for example, suffers from mood swings. Press his tummy, and he says stuff like “You’re pathetic!” quickly followed by, “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean that.” As for the candy, well, those are Fat-Shaming Chocolates, with a single, lonely piece inside, along with a not-so-loving reminder to “watch you weight.”
Also on the shelves: a Follow-Your-Heart Pendant, complete with a GPS tracker so you can obsessively/compulsively keep tabs on someone special, and colorful cards with messages like, “I miss when you were hotter” and “You’re mine, so do what I say.”
“We saw Valentine’s Day as an important opportunity to raise awareness because it is a time when young couples cover up potentially unhealthy relationship behaviors with gifts,” Anastasia Garcia, content director at TBWA\Chiat\Day New York, which developed the initiative, tells AdFreak. “We chose to create a disguised Valentine’s Day gift store to challenge young couples to think twice about the unhealthy behaviors we normalize all year long.”
She adds, “We intended to create a fully immersive experience for young couples to explore these items at their own pace. We designed the store to be welcoming, educational and safe. The experience was facilitated by One Love ambassadors to encourage questions and discussion, and provide local resources for those affected, if needed.”
As for the unhealthy messaging plastered on every item, “we borrowed the harmful language directly from stories of members of the One Love community so that it felt authentic and relatable,” says TBWA senior copywriter Ricardo Franco.
Other stuff on display includes bottles of vino (a poor way to get him/her “in the mood”), Be-Little Candy Hearts (“Loser!” “Idiot!” “You’re So Stupid!”) and Black-Hearted Helium Balloons (“Let me check your texts,” one demands).
“They key takeaway message is that love is a skill that we can all work on,” says One Love CEO Katie Hood. “By educating the next generation about how to build healthy relationships—something current generations have never experienced in a scaled way—we can change the statistics around abuse of every kind.”
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Snickers opened a Valentine’s Day restaurant, for couples who forgot to make reservations

Sometimes, albeit rarely, it pays to forget it’s Valentine’s Day.
This was true for some lucky couples in London yesterday who had slacked off and failed to make restaurant reservations for the romantic holiday. Thankfully, Snickers had their back—as the Mars candy brand tends to do every Valentine’s Day—by opening its own restaurant catering exclusively to forgetful couples.
Working with agency AMV BBDO, Snickers parked a Valentine’s van on Shoreditch High Street and posed the question “Need a table for tonight?” Passersby could grab a reservation card off the van, good for a table for two at an exclusive pop-up restaurant called Oublié—a fancy sounding word that means forgotten in French.
Oublié turned out to be quite the special place. The three-course dinners were entirely complimentary, and were made by “one of London’s top chefs.” (The chef’s identity is so far unknown.)
“The stunt again reminded passersby that Snickers is on hand to help the hungry and forgetful on Valentine’s Day,” the brand said in a statement.

The activation follows a similar idea last year, in which Snickers put up a billboard outside London’s Waterloo train station that read “You’re forgetful when you’re hungry.” The headline was made from dozens of Valentine’s Day cards that passersby could pull off the ad and give to their loved one.

Unmanned boxes in unlikely locations show wherever there's a phone, there's a doctor

For every 33,000 Filipinos, there’s only 1 doctor. And for those living in far-flung areas, reaching a clinic, hospital, or a doctor will take hours of travel and thousands of pesos.
These statistics opened creative agency GIGIL’s newest online video for KonsultaMD, a phone-in service for people needing medical consultations. KonsultaMD involves a team of licensed and skilled Filipino doctors who provide 24/7 consultations via phone.
The video shows big white boxes painted with a red cross appearing in unlikely locations around the Philippines — on the top of a mountain, beside a river, along the side of a country road. People who were living in these hard-to-reach areas entered the box to find a small doctor’s consultation room. Instead of a doctor, patients found a mobile phone. When they picked up the phone, they were surprised to hear the voice of a doctor on the other end.
For the first time, these rural communities, among them indigenous people, have ready access to a doctor because of KonsultaMD’s phone-in service. The video further showed how much even just a simple phone call to a doctor can help patients get medical attention.

“KonsultaMD was introduced to the country in 2015. Despite being in the market for 2 years already, it still remains unknown amongst many Filipinos. The campaign objective was to create awareness and generate acquisition,” said Herbert Hernandez, Partner at GIGIL.
“We wanted to not only tell Pinoys that there’s a doctor wherever there’s a phone, but also allow them to experience it first-hand. Given that leap, we came up with a mysterious way to demonstrate this — by installing unstaffed pop-up clinics in medically underserved areas in the Philippines. We named it Doctor Everywhere’ to highlight KonsultaMD’s main advantage: direct access to real medical doctors, no matter where one is,” he added.
Hernandez further explained that the film captured real experiences and reactions from the patients. “We set up the unstaffed pop-up clinics in different far-flung areas of the Philippines and filmed people from the nearby communities lining up outside of them. The hidden cameras inside captured people’s real reactions to seeing just a mobile phone, rather than a physical doctor. Real consultations then took place,” he stressed.
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Posterscope Belgium create pop-up store for Cubanisto

To promote the Cubanisto’s ’House of Mask’ parties everywhere in Belgium, AB Inbev, Vizeum, Isobar, Urban Media and Posterscope created a pop-up store during December in Brussel’s city center, with a custom-made branded storefront. People were invited to try out the new rum flavoured premium beer, inspired by the vibrant spirit of the Caribbean.
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Chick-fil-A's 'Rivalry Restaurant' brings together two rival teams for biggest game of the season

To unite a community entrenched in a 125-year-old football rivalry, Chick-fil-A introduced ‘Rivalry Restaurant,’ a one-of-a-kind modular restaurant experience. Carefully placed at the border of both West Point, Georgia and Lanett, Alabama, Georgia Bulldogs and Auburn Tigers fans gathered together to celebrate the ‘Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry’ game, and enjoy some Chick-fil-A.
To underscore the unique history and heritage of the rivalry, fans lined up separately on their respective sides of the state line. They met at the serving window to receive a meal of Chick-fil-A together, emphasizing the coming together of communities.
The restaurant exterior featured a custom mural celebrating the clash with illustrations of the beloved team mascots, Uga and Aubie. In addition to free Chick-fil-A food, the event featured entertainment, visits with former Auburn and Georgia players, and outdoor game viewing party.
The ‘Rivalry Restaurant’ launch was supported by posts to Twitter and Facebook, Instagram stories, and a Snapchat filter, and OOH was supported through a sign on state line teasing event to build excitement among local towns.
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Pop-up store customers asked to pay with personal data instead of money

To emphaphise just how much data we provide freely to the platforms we use to share our lives, cyber-security firm Kaspersky Lab opened a pop-up shop inside Old Street station in London called The Data Dollar Store.
Customers were able to buy exclusive t-shirts, mugs and screen prints by street artist Ben Eine – not with money, but by handing over their personal data.

For instance, to ‘buy’ the mug, you had to hand over three photos, or screenshots of your WhatsApp, text and email conversations.
To buy the t-shirt, you had to part with the last three photos on your Camera Roll, or the last three messages on your phone.
The original print, finally, forced you to give your phone to a member of staff, who would then select five photos or three screenshots of their choosing.
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Tequila fountains pop up in L.A to celebrate National Tequila Day

To mark National Tequila Day, Jose Cuervo replaced water in drinking fountains around Los Angeles with chilled tequila to help (of age) passersby cure their Monday blues.

Tequila brand Jose Cuervo encourages all to fight the bland, live lively and embrace the now because tomorrow is overrated. In line with this thinking, the brand provided shots of its Cuervo Silver product from a H2Cuervo water fountain located at the Hollywood and Highland Centre from 12pm until 6pm on the 24th of July.
A European-style garden fountain was also installed on the outdoor terrace of iconic hangout The Abbey in the city.
The fountain was open to anyone with ID who could prove they were aged 21 or over.
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Pop-up hotel lets you pay for room by binge watching Netflix

Let’s be honest – this is the hotel of dreams! Sometimes you want to get away from it all by grabbing snacks, your snuggle buddy and taking to bed for a weekend binge watching session of your favourite show.
Now Three and Samsung have joined forces to make that dream a reality, with a pop-up resort dedicated entirely to binge watching, with 15 suites inspired by popular Netflix shows where guests can sit back, relax and binge watch as many Netflix episodes as they want.


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How Tropicana brought sunshine to Times Square in the middle of winter

The juice brand celebrated the beginning of its 70th year with a four-day interactive consumer pop-up focused on positivity.

Tropicana  recently brought a bit of sunshine to New York, encouraging people to bring out their best selves. The juice brand hosted its #YourBestYou activation in Times Square from January 14 to 17, bringing to life the brand’s new platform—which is focused on positivity and optimism—as part of its relaunch for its 70th year. The activation offered consumers a variety of interactive experiences inspired by the brand relaunch.
The pop-up event, which was produced by MKTG, invited passersby to go inside of a domed tent that resembled an orange. Inside the tent, interactive experiences included video stations that allowed guests to create custom messages, picking out inspiring messages from an orange tree replica, and a green screen photo station that projected images with animated backgrounds on a Times Square billboard.
You can see imagery from the campaign here.
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RNLI Set Up Bizarre Seawater Pop-up

To highlight the tragic deaths that take place on the UK coastlines every year, the RNLI has set up an unusual pop-bar serving just bottled seawater – yucckkk. This weird venue is the first of its kind and will launch at Pop Brixton, on September 8th.
The pop-up, named The Bottle, hopes to raise awareness around the dangers of swimming in the sea and will be serving 10 different regional varieties of seawater including “Cornish Surf” and “Thames Wash”. The unappetising beverages will not be on sale, but instead will carry warnings on the label about the coastlines each product was sourced from.
For example “Cornish Surf” will warn: “Infused with rip currents, surging waves and slippery rocks, this water can create dangerous swimming conditions”.
This thought provoking campaign works perfectly in creating awareness around a serious subject by using relevant and creative PR techniques.
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