Pantene creates 'hair falling' billboard to drive awareness of pollution levels

GREYnJ United Bangkok planned and created an integrated campaign for Pantene’s Hair Fall Control series. With Thailand being on of the most polluted areas in the world, which can cause damage to human hair over time making it prone to becoming weaker, Pantene Thailand wanted to drive awareness about the urgent need to protect hair with Pantene HFC.
To reinforce the message, they highlighted an unknown fact that “hair attracts 3x more pollution than skin”. The campaign kicked off with location-based outdoor advertising all around Thailand, where each of the ads showed messages relevant to the placement location. Concurrently, an online ad and several articles were unveiled on beauty, lifestyle websites and blogs, focusing on the effect of pollution.The main focus of the campaign was “The Hair Falling Billboard,” the largest real-time demonstration ever created by Pantene Thailand. The billboard featured a gigantic billboard covered with rope mimicking human hair. Dictated by the real-time air pollution measurement device, the billboard was set to release hair when the air pollution index exceeded the acceptable standard of 50 psi.
In 10 days, all the hair on the billboard had fallen completely. The entire making of and ‘hair falling’ process was documented, and integrated into an internet film.

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