Posterscope Outdoor Campaign for DOOM Targets Gamers via Twitter

A highly sophisticated outdoor advertising campaign for new video game DOOM is using multiple data sources, including Twitter, to target gaming audiences. Posterscope and Target Media’s campaign for the game – a reboot of the popular 90s first person shooter franchise – identifies relevant Twitter conversations, retail history and out-of-home (OOH) planning data via ROUTE to identify the hotspots in which ads will best reach the target audience of gamers.
The multiple data sources used to plan the campaign are:

  • ROUTE: Using the OOH data available through ROUTE in conjunction with Posterscope’s proprietary app Planner, Posterscope is identifying the areas most likely to reach the broad target audience of males aged 18-34
  • RETAIL: Working with CACI, Posterscope is planning the campaign based on retail data, mapping posters against relevant data along with information on individuals who have purchased a video game at some point within the past 12 months
  • TWITTER: Posterscope and its partner Locomizer are listening to conversations on Twitter that are relevant to a gaming audience, and mapping these across its OOH network to identify hotspots and plan the best places for posters to reach this audience
  • FOLLOWERS: Posterscope and Locomizer are also mapping the campaign posters by identifying Twitter users who follow accounts relevant to the target audience, including @TheLadBible, @Unilad, @IGN and @GamesRadar

The OOH campaign itself is being amplified with geo-targeted mobile display ads via Posterscope’s partnership with xAd to deliver dynamic content such as a game trailer to target gamers’ mobile devices. These trailers drive footfall to nearby stores, and encourage recipients to share the trailers via social media.
The trailer being served to mobile audiences alongside the OOH campaign is embeddable and available here:
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]KSZ4tSoumNk[/youtube]
Daniel Carey, business director at Posterscope, ““The campaign for this iconic, cult-classic game continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the OOH space. By putting social, mobile, behavioural and transactional data at its core, and by using some of the most advanced tools available for OOH planning, this campaign for DOOM will reach key audiences in relevant locations and at relevant times to directly influence purchase, awareness and social conversations”.
DOOM is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC from 13th May 2016.

In Toronto, an Interactive Mattel Ad Plays Pictionary with Passersby

At Mattel Games, they believe that “anytime is game time,”—even at the unlikeliest of places and in the most unconventional way.
An interactive display was set up in the middle of a shopping mall in Toronto, Canada that showed a man asking passersby if they wanted to play Pictionary. Most people in the crowd appeared to be skeptical of the stunt until a young boy approached the board and started “playing” with it.
Participants who managed to guess the picture correctly were even further surprised when they were presented with gifts by hidden Mattel staff.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]M8Ro3bZ3WoM[/youtube]
Via: Design Taxi