Posterscope fuses the OOH industry currency with OCS

Posterscope fuses advanced OOH industry currency,Route,with OCS, the UK’s most detailed behavioural OOH Survey,to boost campaign reach & effectiveness

Out of Home and location marketing specialist Posterscope has fused its proprietary Out of Home Consumer Survey (OCS) with Route data to enable its planners to plan and buy OOH against a client’s core planning audience.
The OCS Route Fusion has been integrated into Posterscope’s location analytics, planning and trading platform ECOS and will allow its planners to quickly and easily re-create their clients’ precise planning audience, and then plan and optimise OOH campaigns against this at the same time as the much broader traditional buying audience.
This new depth of insight within OCS will also enable Posterscope to proactively analyse coverage and frequency and plan against audiences expressing interest in key moments such as sporting events, calendar events like Valentine’s Day or Easter, or environmental factors such as the weather, time of day and location.
Russell Smither, Insight Director at Posterscope, said: “Clients and agencies spend a significant amount of time, energy and money understanding target audiences, creating segmentations and then recreating these in media planning surveys such as TGI, OCS and Touchpoints to generate media and OOH insights.  By fusing our own OOH Consumer Survey (OCS) with Route we have streamlined the OOH planning process which will significantly increase the reach and effectiveness of campaigns, amongst the audiences that clients most want to reach.”
This more personalised approach to planning will lead to more accurate and efficient OOH campaigns and mean advertisers are reaching more of the people they most want to talk to.  For example, a rail digital six sheet campaign planned around “moments that matter” using the new OCS Route Fusion audience of “Men 25-64 who look forward to the Easter break” would deliver 40% more GRPs than the more traditional buying audience of Men 25-64.  Similarly, using an OCS Route Fusion audience of “Men 25-64 who get excited around major sporting events”, a rail digital six sheet campaign would deliver 21% more GRPs than the more traditional buying audience of Men 25-64.
About Route
Route (OOH Industry Currency) launched in 2013. The most advanced OOH industry currency in the world where 28,000 GB respondents’ movements are tracked over a nine-day period with sophisticated GPS meters. Route facilitates planning and buying across nearly all OOH environments for classic and DOOH based on key target audiences created using information derived from the Route respondent questionnaire
About OCS
Out of Home Consumer Survey (OCS) is Posterscope’s market leading survey in both the UK and across around 30 international markets. OCS generates in depth understanding on OOH communications by identifying consumer’s attitudes, perceptions and thoughts on different OOH formats, environments and dynamic content opportunities. OCS also identifies consumers’ attitudes towards seasonal events, an understanding of the consumer journey on over 20 product categories with usage and affinity towards 250 brands.

PML Group release OOH planning guide for 2017 for the Irish market

PML’s latest OOH Planning Guide is available to download here. It contains all the essential information required to become even more of an expert on all things Out of Home, including:

  • Out of Home formats
  • The digital OOH scene
  • Important dates and rates
  • PML Group tools and services
  • The market in both Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland

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Judges Line up for Outdoor Planning Awards as Entries Open…

News that Clear Channel will be running the awards with Campaign for the first time was revealed at the media owner’s Upfronts event last night (Wednesday 11 November).
This is the tenth anniversary of the contest, which celebrates the power of outdoor and the impact of smart planning. It was previously aligned with Campaign’s sister title, Brand Republic.
Claire Beale, the global editor-in-chief of Campaign and this year’s chair of judges, said: “The tenth anniversary of the awards means it a brilliant time to take stock of what excellence looks like for the out-of-home industry – to find out where the benchmark is after ten years and discover how much further entrants can go.
“As a judge, I want to see something that really makes the best use of the medium, harnessing data, making the most of location, using the interactive elements and flexibility afforded by digital technology to create something that really makes the people on the street stop and pay attention.”
Categories are: Best Use of Data and Insight; Best Use of Outdoor in a Multimedia Campaign; Best Use of Multiple Formats; Best Use of Continuity and Long-Term Brand Building; and Best Use of Innovation. The Grand Prize is awarded to the best of all category winners.
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