Aye Aye Captain Morgan… pose with the capatain and see your image streamed to digital screens

During the first May bank holiday weekend Diageo brand Captain Morgan was involved in a highly engaging, interactive experiential campaign
A photobooth was set up in a bar in Leicester Square on the Friday and Saturday nights where the Captain himself was posing for pictures.. It was a red carpet style event where guests could have photos taken of them, the Captain “and their crew.”
The photos were streamed directly onto One Piccadilly and Coventry House, which were booked for a four-hour duration each night, giving participants their “moment of fame.”
The Campaign was created by Carat, Posterscope, Liveposter and psLIVE.

“Take your photo here and reveal time”

Grupo Vhiver, an AIDS NGO in Brazil, used a photo booth to promote awareness of the challenges faced by people living with HIV/AIDS in the lead up to World AIDS Day. After posing for their free photos, customers received the photographs showing only the background curtain with the message “Invisible: That’s how HIV positive people feel every day”.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]-Rii026HZlQ[/youtube]