A new media channel created using the colour magenta

Launching today, the iconic Deutsche Telekom colour magenta has been harnessed to create a new medium for entertainment. Created by Saatchi & Saatchi London and Deutsche Telekom, The Lenz App changes the way content can be viewed, bringing about a new way to consume entertainment and enabling anything magenta to become a viewable screen. The mobile app has been created especially for Telekom Electronic Beats, Deutsche Telekom‘s music and lifestyle program, and will launch with British virtual band Gorillaz.
Across Europe magenta takeovers appeared overnight launching the innovative AR application, The Lenz App. An abandoned building, Potter’s Field Park, an underground pass and even some London taxis have all been christened in a purple and pink hue. In addition, special magenta objects and areas branded with the Magenta Electronic Beats logo, dotted around Europe will trigger even more exciting footage, clips and performances.
Showcasing exclusive Gorillaz content, artwork, videos and new music, the App acts as a portal to a new dimension in music and entertainment. Using Chroma Keying technology, it works by identifying colours in the real world that are similar or match magenta to activate the app and content for the viewer. Whatever the magenta surface – a computer screen, framed image or door – by placing a phone in front of it, it will reveal the exclusive Gorillaz content.
The campaign concept was created using insight garnered by Saatchi & Saatchi London that brand colours have historically been used as the main distinguisher between competitor network providers. Increasingl, these colours have become wallpaper and have declined in relevance. The solution was The Lenz App – to create a stronger customer connection with magenta – the colour of Deutsche Telekom – and to make people look at the colour in a whole new way.
To launch the service and target Deutsche Telekom’s least engaged customer group, Millennials, a partnership was formed with Gorillaz – a band who continue to resonate most with 18-34 year olds. Through the App, the world’s biggest virtual band has become accessible in the real world.
The partnership will see the first ever-live interview with the band using motion capture and composition technology, and exclusive clips from the first ever-live performance of the brand’s new studio album Humanz. This summer Telekom Electronic Beats and Gorillaz will also be holding exclusive gigs across Poland, Hungary and Germany with content from selected shows being streamed live via the App.
Jan Teulingkx, Regional Executive Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi said, “A virtual brand can literally pop up anywhere. And we took this very literally…anything magenta is a portal for Gorillaz to come to our world. A post-it note, a magenta t-shirt, an out-of-date strawberry yoghurt… with The Lenz App they are turned into screens for Electronic Beats content. Soon, you’ll be able to see your first live concert on a magazine ad, or discover a new release somewhere on a wall in Warsaw… Anything is possible on magenta from now on.”
“The Lenz App is a great example of how the power of connected mobile technology can be used to unlock a whole new dimension of music,” said Wolfgang Kampbartold, Vice President of International Marketing Communications at Deutsche Telekom. “Innovative new AR applications such as the App allow us to blend one dimension with another to create something entirely new and never seen before, allowing fans to experience a level of depth and discovery previously unimaginable.”
Launching across Europe, The Lenz App is available for free to download from the App store and Google Play. Exclusive Gorillaz content will continue to be released in the lead up to their latest album launch on April 28th with more planned throughout the year.
The digitally-weighted campaign will include a 90” film which will introduce The Lenz App and exclusively feature the first track from the Gorillaz new album, Charger, until the official album launch on April 28th. 20” and three 10” cut downs will also appear on both TV and online.
Fans will also get to experience an innovative online advertising format on their mobile device which will appear as if Murdoch is calling them. If answered, Murdoch will reveal a short message for them to listen to. Other campaign elements will include print, social, OOH, DOOH, PR and an influencer outreach program happening at launch.
The Lenz App is available globally for iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded now for free from the App store and Google Play.
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Celebrate the launch of ZTE's Blade V7 with a unicorn-drawn carriage.

Reality is boring, which might be why Three has embraced sheer fantasy, offering its customers the chance to ride in white and rainbow coloured horse (or should that be unicorn?) drawn carriages, or ‘Unicabs’ as Three calls them.
The Unicabs seat up to four people and was available in busy parts of London  for several days over October.
Monument saw them on October 26th, Southwark on October 27th, and Canary Wharf on October 28th, with the cabs operating from 7am – 11am each day.
The ‘cabs’ could be flagged down or participants could book the magical ride by tweeting Three. The event celebrated the launch of the ZTE Blade V7, which is available exclusively on Three, and aims to highlight the idea that the two companies are making magic.
Passengers will be able to try out the ZTE Blade V7 in the cabs, and can share their snaps and thoughts with #MagicTogether.
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O2 Dominate Waterloo station for Launch of iPhone 7

O2 have completely taken over the Waterloo Immersion Zone Domination as part of their Smartphone Launch campaign for the new iPhone 7. The campaign, running from 12th – 25th September is certainly unmissable to commuters passing through Waterloo every day as it advertises their Yearly Upgrade Programme – whereby their customers can upgrade after 12 months without any extra cost. The campaign is part of the wider Smartphone Launch activity as it runs during the time as the iPhone 7 launch, giving consumers even more incentive to grab the new handset now.
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NYC Plans Free WiFi via Digital Kiosks Carrying Ads

In one of the more ambitious municipal digital access projects ever undertaken, New York City is planning to bring free public WiFi to the masses with a project that will replace thousands of public pay phones with a network of digital kiosks called LinkNYC.
In addition to the free WiFi, the “Links” — as the kiosks are called — will have touchscreen interfaces and carry digital advertising on large displays on the sides of the rectangular, monolith-style installations.
The LinkNYC plan would massively expand WiFi availability across all five boroughs of New York City through up to 10,000 of these Link stations, which would also offer free charging stations for mobile devices and free voice phone calls anywhere within the U.S., as well as more standard pay phone services like access to information and emergency hotlines.
The plan envisions two versions of the kiosk, a broad model with more display surface for commercial areas, and a narrower, more understated model for residential neighborhoods. Installation is scheduled to begin next year.
Advertising plays a key part in the program, which calls for most of the buildout and day-to-day operations to be funded by ad revenues. The city estimates that digital advertising on the kiosks could generate $500 million over the next twelve years, according to The Wall Street Journal. The display surfaces can also carry public service announcements during major events and emergencies.
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