Unmanned boxes in unlikely locations show wherever there's a phone, there's a doctor

For every 33,000 Filipinos, there’s only 1 doctor. And for those living in far-flung areas, reaching a clinic, hospital, or a doctor will take hours of travel and thousands of pesos.
These statistics opened creative agency GIGIL’s newest online video for KonsultaMD, a phone-in service for people needing medical consultations. KonsultaMD involves a team of licensed and skilled Filipino doctors who provide 24/7 consultations via phone.
The video shows big white boxes painted with a red cross appearing in unlikely locations around the Philippines — on the top of a mountain, beside a river, along the side of a country road. People who were living in these hard-to-reach areas entered the box to find a small doctor’s consultation room. Instead of a doctor, patients found a mobile phone. When they picked up the phone, they were surprised to hear the voice of a doctor on the other end.
For the first time, these rural communities, among them indigenous people, have ready access to a doctor because of KonsultaMD’s phone-in service. The video further showed how much even just a simple phone call to a doctor can help patients get medical attention.

“KonsultaMD was introduced to the country in 2015. Despite being in the market for 2 years already, it still remains unknown amongst many Filipinos. The campaign objective was to create awareness and generate acquisition,” said Herbert Hernandez, Partner at GIGIL.
“We wanted to not only tell Pinoys that there’s a doctor wherever there’s a phone, but also allow them to experience it first-hand. Given that leap, we came up with a mysterious way to demonstrate this — by installing unstaffed pop-up clinics in medically underserved areas in the Philippines. We named it Doctor Everywhere’ to highlight KonsultaMD’s main advantage: direct access to real medical doctors, no matter where one is,” he added.
Hernandez further explained that the film captured real experiences and reactions from the patients. “We set up the unstaffed pop-up clinics in different far-flung areas of the Philippines and filmed people from the nearby communities lining up outside of them. The hidden cameras inside captured people’s real reactions to seeing just a mobile phone, rather than a physical doctor. Real consultations then took place,” he stressed.
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Digital Signage Takes Shoppers Scuba Diving and Rock Climbing

It’s one thing to see images of alluring undersea expeditions or exhilarating mountain treks, it’s an entirely other thing to actually swim the sea or climb the mountain – even if it’s only virtually.
Participation adds to the engagement and involvement in what one sees, and that’s what the Philippines Tourism Board is hoping for with a traveling digital signage kiosk that lets people see — and interact with — the natural beauty offered in the island country.
The immersive kiosk started out its tour of shopping destinations last month in Chicago’s Water Tower Place, before heading off to Los Angeles and onto San Francisco, Vancouver and Toronto.
The Pearl Media team created, built and installed the interactive kiosk that is activated through gesture-based technology.
[vimeo width=”300px” height=”200px”]94533557[/vimeo]
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Posterscope Launches in the Philippines

Posterscope  launched in the Philippines this month and will be introducing its suite of media solutions in the market including out-of-home planning, buying and research. Posterscope Philippines will be headquartered in Makati City, and is aiming to transform OOH with technology that will provide consumer centric planning and ROI analytics on OOH properties across the country.
Posterscope has an existing Prism suite of tools and Out-of-home Consumer Survey (OCS) system of 3,000 consumers and their attitudes towards OOH across Philippines. The agency hopes to give marketers insight into consumer behaviour, out of home, which can be specifically targeted.
The new office, which joins a global network present in  27 countries, will be led by Vinay Goel as General Manager, Posterscope Philippines. Mr Goel was working with Posterscope in India since 2008 as Senior Business Director.
Via: Asia media Journal

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