Spotify fast forwards music when speeding to reduce traffic accidents

In Peru, 70% of traffic accidents are due to excess speeding, with many drivers not aware that they are over the speed limit when driving.
To raise awareness of excess speeding and encourage drivers to slow down, leading music streaming service Spotify introduced ‘Music Signs’. When drivers surpass the national speed restriction (100km p/h), the app automatically fast forwards the music track currently being played, matching the speed of the travelling vehicle, before showing a speeding alert. This encourages drivers to slow down, in order for the track to return to its normal playing speed.
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Food at a Peru vs Uruguay football match serves a delicious victory for one team

Through this campaign, Peru tackled two goals: promoting the Peruvian cuisine and winning a football match. Sounds like a strange combination of activities, but in fact it’s not!
Peru wanted to raise awareness of itself as one of the best culinary destinations in the world. During a Peru vs. Uruguay football match, delicious Peruvian dishes, whipped up by top chefs were given to the Uruguayan fans.  As the Uruguayan fans were so distracted by the food, they didn’t cheer (in essence ‘shutting up’) as much as the Peruvian fans did.
Final score? Peru 2, Uruguay 1.
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Home improvement store brings highways to life in Peru's biggest ever VR experience

Sodimac, Peru’s largest home improvement chain, and McCann Lima have partnered to create the biggest VR experience ever produced in the country.
The “Hijacked Highway” is a 360-degree virtual-reality experience that will allow co-pilots and passengers in selected cars to ride along the Panamericana Sur, which is the country’s most travelled road in summer, to view the highway’s billboards in a unique way.
The VR initiative intervenes in specific spots throughout the Panamericana Sur landscape (between its 11th and 97th kilometers) and replaces the traditional billboards and visual clutter that drivers have to endure. The experience presents 3D animated images of Sodimac’s main summer offerings in funny and surprising forms, bringing to life their underlying idea, which is to show consumers that Sodimac is an expert when it comes to transforming and enhancing any space.
The campaign also explores an alternative media and guerilla-marketing strategy for Panamericana Sur, which is a highly-prized and expensive advertising arena during the summer season–ad placements on the billboards along the highway are the Peruvian equivalent of having a Super Bowl spot. The “Hijacked Highway” experience demonstrates how advertisers can compete for consumer attention with far less media investment, and in this case, adding a very powerful call to action.
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Giant Air Purifier Appears in Peru

In Lima, the notoriously polluted capital of Peru, a retired naval engineer by the name of Jorge Gutierrez has invented a giant air purifier and has placed it in Lima’s district of Jesus Maria.
The giant air purifier has been termed by Gutierrez as a “super tree”, and they include large billboards that act as giant air purifiers, or a filter of sorts, to absorb carbon dioxide and smog.
The clean air is then channelled into a section of the purifier, connected by tubes. What is shocking is the sheer, visible quantity of smog and contaminants that is collected as a result.
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This Billboard Cleans the Air!

Peru is in the middle of a construction boom that generates a lot of unhealthy pollution. Peruvian engineering university UTEC and its ad agency, FCB Mayo, decided to create an air-purifying billboard designed to mitigate the environmental damage the school causes as it builds a new campus.
The billboard has the added advantage of promoting the new campus, boosted by the claim that the school will help students learn how to do things like create billboards that filter about 100,000 cubic meters of clean air a day, reaching as far as five blocks away and equivalent to what some 1,200 trees would do.
The environmentally friendly campaign is part of a tried-and-true strategy for UTEC and FCB Mayo. Last year they famously created a billboard that helped address a rainfall shortage in Lima by converting atmospheric humidity into clean drinking water.
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