Pop-up store customers asked to pay with personal data instead of money

To emphaphise just how much data we provide freely to the platforms we use to share our lives, cyber-security firm Kaspersky Lab opened a pop-up shop inside Old Street station in London called The Data Dollar Store.
Customers were able to buy exclusive t-shirts, mugs and screen prints by street artist Ben Eine – not with money, but by handing over their personal data.

For instance, to ‘buy’ the mug, you had to hand over three photos, or screenshots of your WhatsApp, text and email conversations.
To buy the t-shirt, you had to part with the last three photos on your Camera Roll, or the last three messages on your phone.
The original print, finally, forced you to give your phone to a member of staff, who would then select five photos or three screenshots of their choosing.
Via: PR Examples