LEGO Encourages Parents to Spend More Time With Their Kids Using OOH Video Stunt

In Taipei where working adults are some of the busiest in the world, a child’s imagination was given the stage to shine. Hsiao Feng was chosen via a casting call, and a video was filmed of him sharing his Lego  creation, a really strong car, that would help his father who sells and repair cars for living, be less tired, and with that spend more time at home with him.
The video was shared and promoted via Youtube, Social Media, Public screens throughout the city and more importantly projected on a 100-metre screen outside the Taipei Arena stadium, as the father walked by after work, who promised he’d find more time to spend with his son.
With the campaign, Lego hopes to spark a social conversation, and a change in mindset around the role of imagination. Kevin Hagino, senior regional brand manager, Southeast Asia at Lego, said in a statement: “At Lego, we have a mission to inspire imagination and creativity to develop the builders of tomorrow through play. Our kids are all creative geniuses and we want parents and the world to see how amazing they are. Hsiao Feng’s message to his father is a powerful message to all parents. We all have busy schedules — but a childhood doesn’t last forever. Through this film, we hope to inspire parents to value the importance of their child’s imagination, and give it the encouragement and attention it deserves.”
Video below:
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]XtVFOVY6ANc[/youtube]
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Kids Overjoyed as they Meet Santa – in a Kwik Fit Waiting Room!

A trip to the local Kwik Fit in Whetstone, North London seems hardly the place for a festive treat – but that’s exactly what ten kids got when seemingly dragged along by parents.
To promote its free winter safety check-ups, the children bumped into a man that looks an awful lot like Santa Claus, sat waiting for his sleigh to be serviced.
I’m none-too-sure about ‘Merry Kwikmas’ at the end of the campaign video (sitting at 350k views since its release yesterday), but I love the idea, the set-up and – being a dad of two myself – the look of actual joy on the kids’ faces as Santa recalls their names and hands them gifts from his sleigh. The secret camera footage was filmed over the course of two days, apparently.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]0nZVhn_MrPg[/youtube]
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