Digital Out of Home grows 28% in Q1 2017

Outsmart, the trade body for the Out of Home (OOH) industry – advertising that reaches consumers while away from their homes, has announced that Digital Out of Home revenue reported for the quarter January to March 2017 is £107 million, up by a significant 28% on Q1 2016. Digital now accounts for 42% of all Out of Home revenue, an increase of 9.4 percentage points on Q1 2016.
Total Out of Home revenue for the quarter is £252million. This is broadly flat year on year, but revenues in the last 12 months (to the end of March) are up 3% on the prior 12 months.
Justin Cochrane, Chair of Outsmart, comments that “the transformation of the Out of Home medium continues with further investment in digital. State-of-the-art inventory and technology continue to enable advertisers to benefit from the flexibility and dynamism of digital Out of Home, as well as complement or amplify classic Out of Home campaigns.”
2017 marks the appointment of PwC, who will now undertake the revenue reporting for the Out of Home industry, on behalf of Outsmart. PwC has considerable experience in the Out of Home sector having worked with a number of the leading companies in the sector.
Justin Cochrane added “PwC will bring greater insight into Out of Home’s positioning within the wider media mix.”
Mark Maitland, PwC Media Strategy Partner, comments “We are delighted to be working more closely with the Out of Home industry alongside Outsmart, and are excited by the new investments being made in Digital inventory and the long-term prospects for the sector overall.”
Download a breakdown of all previous OOH revenue figures here.
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Outperform Phase 2 examines smartphone brand action during Black Friday period

Pioneering Study Reveals Out of Home Drives Significant Uplift in Smartphone Brand Action During The Black Friday Period
In April 2016, Outsmart, the trade body for the Out of Home (OOH) industry, released a pioneering study called OutPerform. By joining forces with leading market researchers, Ipsos and OOH industry measurement body, Route, Outsmart explored how the medium performs in today’s connected world, especially with the proliferation of the smartphone.
The groundbreaking study, believed to be the biggest of its kind, investigated how public journeys can become personal stories among 16-44 year olds in the UK and more importantly, revealed that OOH activity drives +17% uplift in smartphone brand actions.
In the original study, the Black Friday period was excluded because it is an atypical event however, having now compared the Black Friday data with the overall fieldwork data, we can see that the uplift in smartphone brand actions increases even further to +36% during Black Friday week versus participants unexposed to OOH.
The categories that contributed substantially to the +36% Black Friday uplift were Retail, Technology, Finance and Entertainment.
Consumer behaviour during the Black Friday week also changed significantly with OOH driving +23% more web visits and +9% more searches compared to a control week. Furthermore, it saw +33% increase in searches or web visits that reference the brand or campaign tagline among participants exposed to compared to participants unexposed to OOH.
Tim Lumb, Insight and Effectiveness Director, Outsmart, commented “In an age of snapping, searching, sharing and shopping, OutPerform proves that OOH converts brand advertising into brand behaviour and highlights that OOH and smartphones, now more than ever, are a very powerful combination for brands to make connections with people.”
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Out of Home grows 3.5% to £280.2m in Q3

Outsmart, the trade body for the Out of Home (OOH) industry, has announced that the total revenue reported across all Out of Home advertising for the quarter July to September 2016 is £280.2m. This Q3 figure represents an increase of 3.5% year on year and the highest total for the quarter ever recorded.
Digital revenues amounted to £104.3m, up by a significant 26% year on year and accounted for 37% of the total Out of Home revenue, a further uplift from 30% in 2015.
Whilst this rise in digital revenues shows no sign of slowing down as media owners continue to transform the cities we live in; the power of classic remains. Classic Out of Home provides unparalleled reach and unmissable visual impact, helping brands become memorable and ultimately, famous.
Justin Cochrane, Chairman of Outsmart, comments that “Out of Home continues to deliver strong growth as digital OOH builds on the core strengths of classic. Advertisers continue to benefit from the huge reach and ubiquity offered by classic OOH, enhanced by digital OOH’s flexibility, creativity and impact.”
Visit the Outsmart website to download a breakdown of all previous revenues for the OOH industry.

The Outlook from Outsmart

Outsmart have launched their first report, The OutLook, a collection of love letters to the medium penned by a variety of ad industry professionals.
The report reveals that industry experts from across different disciplines and with different perspectives are equally excited and enthused by what OOH can do for advertisers, both now and in the future. As technology drives changes in consumer behaviours, OOH is enhanced, while other mediums are facing challenges and having to adapt.
The OutLook features thought leadership and commentary from leading industry figures including contributors from influential businesses including TFL, Starcom Mediavest Group and adam&eveDDB. The report also features contributions from many of today’s leading OOH operators, including Council Members, Specialists and Media Owners.
The report explores the limitless opportunities of the medium whilst showcasing why advertisers should consider OOH on every media plan. It also examines what the future holds for the medium supporting the marketing body’s belief that OOH delivers high impact, action, relevance and creativity.
Alan Brydon, CEO of Outsmart, said: “We know from our daily conversations within the media community that the medium is highly regarded and loved by advertisers and consumers alike. This report demonstrates just how much the industry believes in OOH and how it can still pack a punch in today’s evolving marketing landscape. I look forward to collaborating further with the industry over the coming year as we continue to showcase the many benefits of the medium.”
Read the full report here
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Outsmart and the IPAO announce the launch of SPACE

SPACE is a unique data management application, which stores, categorises and standardises every piece of OOH inventory within the UK market.
Outsmart and the IPAO, on behalf of the UK Out of Home (OOH) industry, are proud to announce the launch of SPACE.
SPACE is a unique data management application, which stores, categorises and standardises every piece of OOH inventory within the UK market. This means the transfer of data across the sector can be improved, offering a diverse range of benefits from geographical placement through to historical competitive data.
The database has been commissioned by the UK OOH Standards Group, which represents both the OOH specialist and OOH media owner operations within the industry. SPACE has been technically developed and is being hosted and managed on behalf of the OOH industry by Mediatel.
The database registers over 500,000 OOH frames, allocating them with a unique identification code. Inventory is classified by location, environment and format as well as providing the opportunity to detail relevant site attributes such as production requirements or mobile touchpoint references.
SPACE will operate as a bedrock database for the industry, providing OOH frames related requirements including; access to Route’s audience data, calculation of proximity restrictions to socially sensitive locations, and classification groupings for volume and expenditure data. It can be accessed by API for the population and extraction of data, as well as providing a standard web GUI.
Mungo Knott (Primesight) & Gavin Lee (Posterscope) (Joint chairs of the Standards Committee) said: “We are proud to have created SPACE UK, which is also a world first collaboration project of this nature. It will enable the UK industry to benefit from the common standards which are increasingly required in order to improve efficiency and data compliance in the assessment and transaction of Out of Home Advertising”
Alan Brydon, CEO at Outsmart said: “This is an example of best in class collaboration across the Out of Home industry. It gives us an excellent platform from which to develop the increasing requirement for data management and exchange, which will continue to give brands the confidence to embrace Out of Home.”
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Outsmart the new marketing body for the Out of Home (OOH) industry launches.

Outsmart, which launched on the 24th September,  will be led by CEO Alan Brydon and Chairman Mark Craze and will inform, educate and inspire advertisers and agencies to do wonderful things in OOH.
The new marketing body for OOH launches with the website, and is the first port of call for advertisers, planners and creatives to showcase how OOH can be used in even bigger and better ways. The website will also include case studies, research and insight to demonstrate the medium’s core strengths – Impact, Action, Relevance and Creativity.
To prepare for launch, the new company has already created Insight and Effectiveness and Strategy Planning teams. This has resulted in numerous key appointments, including Tim Lumb as Insight and Effectiveness Director, Katie Ingram as Strategy Planning Director and Jo Scully as Assistant Strategy Planning Director.
Collaboration is a key factor in all of Outsmart’s thinking and actions and close working relationships have already been established with partners such as the specialist OOH agencies and their collective body the IPAO, as well as the OOH industry’s gold standard research body, Route.
An early manifestation of this is the OOH Forums, in partnership with the IPAO. The Forums will explore the many benefits of the medium, with the first set to focus on demonstrating its effectiveness.
Over the next 12 months Outsmart will roll out a series of initiatives including new research that help to further unlock the value and effectiveness of OOH, for brands and advertisers to make it a ‘must have’ on every media plan.
Alan Brydon, CEO of Outsmart, said “This is a golden age for OOH and there has never been a better time for the advertising, media and creative industries to utilise the medium. I am thrilled to be leading Outsmart and I am looking forward to helping agencies and brands make the most of the limitless opportunities the medium offers. Technology and consumer behaviour is enhancing the power of OOH and as more people spend more time out and about, in an ever more connected way, there has never been such an exciting time for the medium.”

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