Posterscope Philippines and TBWA shows off first anamorphic ad in PH for Adidas

Posterscope Philippines and TBWA/SMP have created a mind-blowing outdoor ad for adidas Philippines using anamorphic visual optical illusions.
Colourful silhouettes of the Adidas Superstar were laid out on uneven terrain like stairs and walkways. The shoe is practically invisible until you look at it from a certain angle, marked by the “Superstar spot” not far from the installation, and then the images magically align to form the ad.
Posterscope Phillipines claims this is the first anamorphic advertising display in the Philippines due to the difficulties in executing such a creative treatment.
Via: adobomagazine

KIA’s ‘Optical Illusion’ Ads Warn of the Hidden Dangers on the Road

German advertising agency Gürtlerbachmann created these ‘optical illusion’ ads for car brand KIA to warn drivers of the hidden dangers on the road.
Created with black-and-white diagonal lines, the ads will make you do a double take as they deceivingly spell the words ‘rock’, ‘tree’, and ‘deer’ out.
Are you able to spot the hidden words?
Via: DesignTaxi