Swedish opera demonstrates how the homeless are ignored

Folkoperan is an opera house in Stockholm, which is currently playing host to its spring show, ‘God Disguised‘, which premiered on the 15th of February and runs until the 26th of March.
To promote the show, and illustrate how exposed groups are ignored in society- which is a primary theme in the show- Folkoperan and a number of homeless people who are performing in it took to ten different street locations with free tickets.
The actors wrote signs about their performance, offering two free tickets to the first people to stop and talk to them. They stood where you would expect to find them; by the subway, outside the grocery store and on many other of Stockholm’s busiest locations.
Thousands passed by and ignored the messages, taking  12 hours for the first person to claim 2 free tickets.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]5jUt1SSxerE[/youtube]
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Unsuspecting foodies who ordered a McDonald's Maestro Burger star in their own personal opera

To show how the Maestro burger stimulates all your senses, TBWA created a prank with real people who are exposed to a truly epic experience- to surprise an unsuspecting person with a big serenade.
The serenade was orchestrated by a real maestro (Guido Dieteren), who translated every step and move of the McDonald’s guest to orchestral music. This exceptional piece of music builds up towards a huge climax: the first bite of the Maestro burger.
To show the audience that Dieteren was conducting music for unsuspecting guests ordering a delicious Maestro burger, hidden cameras were used to project the McDonald’s live video-stream in the orchestra hall and vice- versa. In addition, a normal film camera was hidden inside a cleaning cart, which was then pushed in closely on the unsuspecting star as they took that first special bite.
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