Tablet automatically transfers drawings from paper to screen

Debuting at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, Qualcomm’s new Ultra Sound NotePad has one of the most original concepts recently released. The Snapdragon 85 is able to transfer written notes in real ink on a notepad to a tablet screen simultaneously.
Inside the tablet are microscopic microphones that can hear ultrasonic vibrations from the digital pen. The processor then uses this data to figure out what you’re writing even if you’re not touching the screen.
Writing directly onto a touch screen is old news, yet this new product has a different focus; it enables artists, especially animators to draw in the classic medium on pen and paper without having to give a second thought to digital transfer. Users can play around with colours and effects, deleting and editing as they go. Most importantly it saves time as this industry has, until now, relied on a multi-step process to transfer designs from paper to online.
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In frozen Chicago, giant sunbathing woman lifts spirits and crushes cars

Temperatures dropped dramatically in Chicago last week, and so did a pair of 16-foot-long, 400-pound flip-flops. They were kicked off, or at least looked to have been, by a bikini-clad holiday maker soaking up the sun in a giant wallscape promoting Arizona tourism.
The casual footwear ‘crushed’ two cars parked below. The installation was designed to entice people to book getaways to the Grand Canyon State.
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Light projections transform tunnel into a revolving wonderland

Digital projection artist and self-proclaimed master of illusion, Skertzò,  transformed a tunnel in Lyon into a shapeshifting wonderland, for the annual Festival of Lights (Fête des Lumières Lyon).
The Tunnel de la Croix Rousse was given over to the artist for the four day festival. Skertzò created different digital projections, which  transformed the tunnel into a variety of landscapes including a woodland and a giant version of the town of Croix Rousse. The artist played with scale, creating illusions that made visitors feel both bigger and smaller than real life as they passed through the tunnel, helping them forget themselves and their surroundings for one moment.
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QR code alternative turns printed content into a library of links

Imaging and electronics company, Ricoh, have created a new technology called ‘Clickable Paper’ which could change the way we interact with OOH advertising.
The technology lets you click on an image without zooming in on a code or logo first, after which you’re directed to a range of options, such as an Amazon link, a YouTube video or a website…you can also tweet or share the information on Facebook.
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The Real World September

The Real World covers information about consumer behaviour and inspiring ways to use OOH, as well as recent industry news and the latest on the OOH marketplace.
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Living posters highlight the harmful effects of drugs

To show the harmful effects of cocaine on a drug addict, Brazilian advertising agency Talent created ‘living’ poster ads that are consumed by live mealworms over time. Printed on dough, the ads show the faces of drug addicts which over time are eaten away by the grubs. The sites were placed in Gallery of Rock in Sao Paolo—an area notorious for cocaine dealing and consumption.
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Kanye West released his latest track with large-scale video

The Rapper premièred his song in 66 different locations around the world, using super-size projections on the side of buildings. The public display was announced by Kanye on Twitter, including a prompt to visit his website where you could find out the various locations.

IBM creates OOH ads with a purpose

IBM is committed to creating solutions that help cities all over the world get smarter, in order to make life in those cities better. To spread the word on the “People for Smarter Cities” project that they are working on with Ogilvy Paris, they created out-of-home advertising with a purpose; a bench, a shelter and a ramp.

How OOH will Evolve in 2013

2013 promises to be a big year in OOH, with much to look forward to. Our audience is growing, cutting-edge new audience insight and research is going live, investment in state-of-the-art infrastructure is set to offer unprecedented opportunities- and digital innovation is helping to deliver more flexibility and creativity across the board.
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McDonald's makes you work for dollar coins embedded in ice

Vancouver’s recent Canadian promotion for McDonald’s “Dollar Drink Days” featured 4,000 dollar coins arranged in the shape of the Golden Arches and embedded in a block of ice at a beach party in Sylvan Lake, Alberta. Party goers were encouraged to chip away at the ice to free the coins.
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