Crack the Code at Piccadilly Circus

On Friday 9th December, a message written completely in Aurebesh ‘Star War’s language’ was displayed on the large digital billboard in Piccadilly Circus.
Part of a wider brand campaign promoting O2 Priority’s partnership with Disney’s Rouge One: A Star Wars Story, die hard Star Wars fans were encouraged to try and crack the code to win a pair of tickets to an exclusive screening. Within the Aurebesh message the location of where the tickets are hidden is revealed, and then it’s a race to get to them first!
There were four chances throughout the day, and every time a pair of tickets is won, the screen displayed a message telling people when to come back.

O2 launches innovative code-breaking competition only for the tech-savvy

Last week O2 ran an innovative code-breaking competition only for the tech-savvy.  Customers had four days to crack a code hidden within an O2 poster to claim a free OnePlus 3
The tricky formula was displayed on a O2 billboard opposite the Ace Hotel in London’s Shoreditch. The first person to crack the code every day won a brand new OnePlus 3.
Once broken, the code detailed a secret location and password for players to claim their free device. Each day those changed, to see who had what it takes to decipher the new location and password in a challenge of wit and speed. The campaign was created by creative agency VCCP in collaboration with media agency Forward Media and OOH communications agency Posterscope using their Liveposter technology platform.

Dynamic, digital out-of-home, multiple language campaign targets flight arrivals for O2

PSI, Posterscope’s international division, has launched a unique digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaign for O2 using the Liveposter Platform, to promote the company’s International Sim.
The campaign is targeting travellers from Eastern Europe and Ireland as they arrive at Gatwick, Stansted and Manchester airports and is running on DOOH screens in the baggage reclaim and digital 6-sheet screens in arrival halls throughout October and November.
In what is a media first, the campaign  is using a combination of flight arrival data, dwell time data and baggage reclaim data which triggers dynamic messaging not only to the appropriate individual carousels and screens, but also in the native language of flights as they land from Poland, Ireland, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia.
The DOOH campaign is part of a wider advertising campaign, including Social and Display planned and bought by Forward Media, with creative by VCCP.
O2’s International Sim offers UK calls to international mobiles and landlines in over 200 countries with no connection charges or hidden fees and comes complete with O2 minutes, O2 texts and data.
Miriam Buireu, Account Director, at PSI said: “The baggage reclaim data now available to us means we can create and deliver even more highly targeted campaigns in airport locations.  This campaign for O2 will not only reach the right people, at the right time, but will also show creative executions in their own language.  What could be more relevant and more engaging?”
Jenni Gabbarelli, OOH Director, Havas Media Group added: “O2 was looking for an exciting and dynamic campaign to promote its International Sim to visitors from Eastern Europe and Ireland.  The ability to reach these travellers as they arrive at the airport and speak to them in their own language as they wait at the carousels in highly innovative and we are excited to see the results.”

Exterion Media Offers Brands Deep Insight on Underground Users

Exterion Media, which runs all London Underground advertising, is launching a new insight tool which will tap into data on 25 million O2 customers, to generate actionable demographic and behavioural detail about Tube users.
Dubbed Abi – which is short for Audience Behavioural Insight – the tool draws on anonymous aggregated data, and is the first product borne from the partnership between Exterion and O2 owner Telefónica UK.
It claims to offer brands and advertisers the ability to better understand and target consumers.
Exterion head of data and technology Mick Ridley said: “The power of actionable data is now available to brands like never before. Understanding the actual, persistent – and not claimed – behaviours of groups of consumers over time with a tool like Abi allows for more effective decision-making.
“The level of insight to be gained from analysing behavioural data just does not exist in the highly modelled, static data that has up until now been applied to dynamic environments like the London Underground. We’re in a very transformative, but hugely exciting time in out-of-home.”
Ridley claimed that in addition to helping marketers to better use digital screens to target audiences with relevant and well-timed messages, the tool will also help planners to understand how to deliver to audiences in outer zone stations in a smart, context-relevant way.
Abi identifies the millions of journeys made on the Underground every day and overlays on these journeys location and behavioural data from the O2 customer base. The dashboard allows brands to plan campaigns around the crowd behaviours of aggregated groups from three core sources: mobile activity from devices within the network; anonymised CRM data from the O2 network, and behaviour collected via app usage and web browsing
The tool protects customers’ information and data by anonymising and aggregating all information – users only ever see crowds, and never the identification of an individual.
“It was important to us to create a flexible solution that allowed for the manipulation of data to not only deliver on clients’ needs, but demonstrate our effectiveness against other media channels,” Ridley added. “Diving into the tool, users can quickly see that it goes far beyond simple audience targeting and delivers real insights about behaviours and sites.”

O2 launches 'Make them Giant' dynamic campaign

Waterloo station is playing a key part in the Rugby World Cup as sports fans gather there to make the journey to Twickenham Stadium, so there’s no better way to get them in the mood than with the 40m long full motion digital screen filled with commemorative content.
O2’s dynamic digital campaign on Motion@Waterloo displays supporters’ positive tweets that use the hashtag #WearTheRose.
The creative makes full use of the 40m board with an illustrated England team lined up across it, followed by the message “Make them giants.” The total number of messages being tweeted is also shown.
It was launched at Waterloo prior to its TV campaign and was planned and booked by Media Planning Ltd t/as Havas and Posterscope.
Via: JCDecaux

O2 Erects Giant Blank Canvas that Transforms into the Milky Way at Night

An outdoor installation on Clapham Common looks like a blank canvas by day, but at night the 26ft by 16ft artwork transforms into a bright blue depiction of the Milky Way galaxy.

The magical transformation is sparked by 200,000 UV crystals that only glow in the dark and the installation is designed to drive passers-by to visit a microsite with a 360 degree vista of the Milky Way, where visitors can win a Samsung Galaxy S5 on O2.
Via: Brand Republic