Nokia & Ocean Outdoor Turn to Twitter to Run UK-Wide Game of #iSpy to Promote Lumia 1020

Nokia has begun a UK-wide interactive game of I Spy using Twitter and digital outdoor media to promote its Lumia 1020 smart phone.
The mobile phone brand is utilising Ocean Outdoor’s digital network of outdoor screens in order to showcases the photographic capabilities of its Lumia 1020.
The game will see Twitter users following the #iSpy hash tag invited to guess the names of notable landmarks and sites featured on Ocean’s screens at Eat Street and Westfield Centre.
Live tweets will offer a series of clues to pictured locations, taken using the Nokia zoom function, with players able to use their Twitter accounts through their mobile devices to reply with their guesses.
Darryl Mckay, global digital marketing manager at Nokia explained: “Our modern take on one of the world’s most popular games is a highly creative and clever way for us to communicate the social functionality and technical innovation of the Nokia 1020. This campaign allows us to put the product in people’s hands at scale, literally showing the zoom.”
Head of marketing for Ocean Outdoor, Helen Beacham, added: “It’s a great piece of work which demonstrates the simplicity and ease of using digital outdoor, mobile and social media together to amplify and extend creative campaigns.”
Those who guess correctly have the chance of winning a Nokia 1020.
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Thermo-reactive billboard shows ad when the temperature drops

Nokia teamed up with ‘Glove Love’ by Do The Green Thing as part of their campaign to promote the Nokia Lumia’s sensitive touchscreen, which can be used with gloves on.
The company also created a heat-sensitive billboard with a message that becomes clearer as the weather got colder. The billboard lets people know that Nokia Lumia devices have screens that are so sensitive that they can be used with gloves on.
Glove Love is a matchmaking company that takes donations of single gloves which are then matched and hand-stitched to create a pair for a new owner. The #NokiaGloveLove project encouraged Nokia fans to recycle gloves that have lost their partners. The campaign also highlights how gloves are lost when people take them off to use their smartphones.
The billboard was placed at Westfield on January 21st and at the Old Truman Brewery the day after. The first 100 people who donated a single glove at each location were given newly-matched pairs of gloves and a hundred more were given a pair of gloves delivered to an address they provided.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]ay9ZBEXHwtw[/youtube]
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Digital OOH augmented reality

Two campaigns from Heartland-Posterscope China allowed members of the public to interact with characters on large digital screens.  Fanta’s cartoon character augmented reality installation was placed in cinema foyers whilst Nokia’s campaign complemented their interactive outdoor experience with a 9.5m Transformer figure to promote the X7 handset leveraging their partnership with the movie Transformers 3, Dark of the Moon.