Nivea invades Defense with pearls Q10 +

For the launch of Nivea’s new product, the tube of beads Q10 concentrated Serum, psLIVE France created a giant experiential event in the business square of la Defense near Paris between 15-18 October 2014.
Across the four days participants were invited into a gigantic inflatable bubble dominating an area of 1500 m² in which they could discover a giant anamorphic created by artist François Abelanet and a beauty board space. Once inside the bubble, visitors could participate in a virtual reality animation bringing to life the journey of a pearl through Oculus Rift technology.
Via: Streetplanneur

Nivea Showers on the Streets

Beiersdorf wants Chileans to clean up their act! To best highlight a new body wash product, the brand constructed a special, innovative campaign. Real water dripped down, as if out of a shower head, inside a showcase that turned many heads on the streets of Chile and inside metro stations.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]-BAL6AWHul0[/youtube]
Via: JCDecaux North America