Sonos Captures New York's Beats and Streets with Giant 3D Screen

Sonos, the wireless hi-fi brand, is claiming a sound and vision first with a giant 3D screen allowing New Yorkers to explore the soundscape of their city.
Working with the digital creative agency Perfect Fools, the company has created an installation that allows users to sample New York’s art and culture via a 10 metre-square screen built from 300 Sonos Play:1 speakers.
Coloured LED lights pulsate within the speakers, which respond to hand gestures so that users can navigate a map of the city while sampling its musical sounds, ranging from hip-hop and funk to disco and electro.
The installation will also identify from which of the city’s five boroughs the music originates.
The ‘Sounds of NYC’ is one of a number of installations that will be featured at Sonos Studio NYC at New York’s Neuehouse, which offers shared work spaces for creative industry entrepreneurs, from 2 to 5 October.
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KLM: Live High Five

KLM is a successful brand which understands and embraces the digital medium better than its peers. Last week KLM connected hundreds of people in Amsterdam and New York live, through high fives. For one day, two interactive installations provided a live look through across the ocean. This created spontaneous interactions, letting people on the street come face to face with another citizen from New York or Amsterdam. The credits goes to Eigen Fabrikaat (DDB Group) and Minivegas.
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How Do You Advertise to an Ad Agency?

Here’s one way to pitch your design studio directly to an ad agency: buy a billboard right across the street from the shop.
Intridea, a D.C.-based product design and development consultancy, did just that this month by buying a billboard for a week right near Ogilvy & Mather’s headquarters at 636 Eleventh Ave. in New York with the headline, “Ogle this, Ogilvy.”
The board included the URL, which featured goofy GIFs along with the text, “Made you look. Now hire us. AngularJS, Rails, UX/UI and more.”
It’s a little blunt, but it seems to have gotten Intridea in the front door. The agency says it got a call from Ogilvy New York CEO Lou Aversano and OgilvyOne managing director Dimitri Maex—and will be meeting with them on Sept. 3.
“This was the first time our team has ever spent any money on outdoor advertising,” says Intridea co-founder Yoshi Maisami, “and we’ve been very happy with the results.”
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That's Not a Tree!

New York City has so few trees that people there might have forgotten what a tree is, exactly. At least, that’s the tongue-in-cheek idea behind the New York Restoration Project’s new campaign from ad agency Tierney.
The effort involves tagging objects around the city (especially in low-tree/high-traffic neighborhoods) with labels that read, “Not a Tree.” Accompanying text says, “There aren’t enough trees in the city. Let’s change that,” along with the URL.
“Yes, a Tree” tags will go on saplings planted as part of NYRP’s MillionTreesNYC project. Text on those reads, “Thank you. This is exactly what our city needs.”
The campaign also includes more traditional media, including TV, radio (“That little red thing on the sidewalk that dogs like to tinkle on? Not a tree”), print, billboards and online quiz banners. It runs May through June, which is prime planting season.
The New York Restoration Project, founded by Bette Midler, hopes to plant 1 million new trees by 2017.
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Rodent Control Company d-CON Puts Missing Posters for Mice Around NYC

Rats and mice are not endangered species in New York City. (There are thought to be at least as many rats as people in the Big Apple, and there could be five times as many.) But d-CON, the rodent control company, is taking its small victories against their furry friends and publicly celebrating them in an amusing new campaign from Havas Worldwide.
As one part of the integrated campaign, the agency put missing posters for rodents all over the city, at mice level (though presumably not in the subway, where they’d be more likely to be proven wrong in an instant).
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Smartphone-Assisted Easter Egg Hunt is Latest Use of iBeacons

Fabergé‘s Big Egg Hunt, which benefits two nonprofits, Studio in a School and Elephant Family, is a fun event brightening up the streets of New York for Easter and an experiment in using iBeacon technology in public non-retail spaces. Over 275 egg sculptures, each about 2.5 feet tall, have been scattered around New York City, and each has been decorated by a well-known artist, photographer or designer: participants include Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Diane von Furstenberg, Warby Parker and Naeem Khan.
Each egg is up for sale, and those who ‘check in’ at the egg can bid on it using the egg-hunt app. The location of a specific egg will remain a secret until 10 people have checked in by that egg. After that, the egg’s location will appear on a public interactive map. The intensified bidding that will ensue will benefit the two above-named organizations. Users of the app are also entered to win more than $30,000 worth of Fabergé jewelry.
Nomi, a startup organization that works with iBeacons, helped put the technical aspect of the project together. As they told Fashionista, it was an opportunity for them to prove to their other clients that the iBeacon platform can withstand unusual deployments.
The eggs will be gathered together in a free exhibit at Rockefeller Center on April 18-25; they will be auctioned off on the 22nd, with the egg hunt ending on April 26th.
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Times Square Transformed Into Larger-Than-Life ‘Oreo’ Adventure Land

New York City’s Times Square was transformed into a giant ‘Oreo’ adventure land in the latest stunt for the ongoing ‘Wonderfilled’ campaign to introduce the world to the wonders of ‘Oreo’.
In celebration of the iconic cookie’s 100th birthday, an animated 90-second spot made use of the giant billboards surrounding Times Square.
Pedestrians were stopped in their tracks as larger-than-life characters leapt and swum across buildings, sharing the wonder and magic of ‘Oreo’ cookies and dunking them into milk.
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Watch Out NYC, There Are Zombies Lurking Below Your Streets

To promote the return of the hit television series ‘The Walking Dead’ this Sunday, cable channel AMC decided to pull a ‘prankvertisement’ on unsuspecting New Yorkers.
In this scare prank, zombie actors were hidden below a sidewalk grate in Manhattan’s Union Square. When unsuspecting pedestrians walked over the grate, the ‘zombies’ would reach out and lunged at their feet with their bloodied hands—scaring them in the process.
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