Jaguar launches new SUV with a 'musicdrome' turntable controlled by the car

In order to launch Jaguar’s first SUV, Jaguar created the “Musicdrome”, the first turntable in the world, controlled by the car itself. Using cameras to track the car in a custom-built velodrome built to mimick a turntable, a stunt driver drove the car to initiate the music. The faster he drove, the faster the music played, while the higher he drove, the louder the music played. Popularly known as “wheels of death” these type of tracks are usually used for motorbike stunt performances. The one week event with Jaguar Musicdrome attracted 90,000 spectators while saw 55% increase in catalog online orders as well as 114% increase in website traffic.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]xvbHMUppnm0[/youtube]
Via: Guerilla Blog