Sports Experts reward those who take the extra step with discounts

To celebrate 50 years, the Sports Experts installed a thermal imaging device at a train station in Montreal, with the steepest set of stairs.
The public were encouraged to take the stairs as opposed to the escalators, and the device measured how much they much body heat they had generated afterwards, printing a discount voucher of the amount to be redeemed at a Sports Experts store.
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Via: Guerilla Blog

Endless Winter Isn't So Bad If You're Advertising Dandruff Shampoo

Montreal agency lg2 found a goofy but practical use for all the snow this winter—it made it look like dandruff gone berkserk on outdoor ads for Selsun Blue.
“Dandruff flakes typically occur in winter,” the agency says, “due to the use of heating sources such as electricity. Selsun Blue and lg2 thus decided to launch an offensive at a time when people are most in need of dandruff-fighting shampoo.”
The headline, “Quand les pellicules vous prennent par surprise,” translates to, “When flakes take you by surprise.”
Via: AdWeek