The Holiday Store with Nothing to Sell Minute Maid #DoingGood

The holiday season can be a stressful time of trying to find the perfect, but affordable, gift. Minute Maid‘s new store is looking to remind shoppers that sometimes the best gift is free.
The special pop-up store doesn’t sell anything, but rather encourages curious customers to write a letter to their parents, telling them what a good job they’re doing. Customers get free paper and pen, free wrapping, and a free bottle of Minute Maid juice to sit down and write out a heartfelt letter. It is part of their #DoingGood campaign, showing how far an act of kindness and love can go during a season dedicated to spending time with loved ones.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]3fWyrIoxOjM[/youtube]
Via: psfk

Minute Maid WiFi Chair

In order to increase brand loyalty for Minute Maid, Posterscope China placed branded WiFi enhanced chairs in customer-concentrated shopping malls so that consumers could charge their phones and use the free WiFi. This, combined with other formats, including bus shelters, road light boxes and subway MEGA LEDs, delivered the main campaign message to the target audience.
Three WiFi chairs were initially launched in Shenyang, however over 30 more were added to shopping centres in Changchun, Chongqin, Shanghai and Tianjin.