St Pancras Gets Exotic for 'Year of Mexico"

Mexico has transformed the high-footfall St Pancras Immersion Zone into an exotic paradise for passengers, as part of the activities of the ‘Year of Mexico’ in the UK.
Planned and booked with JCDecaux Direct Sales and Creative Solutions team, the campaign will last for four weeks, transforming the high-footfall St Pancras Immersion Zone into an exotic paradise for passengers.
Vinyl wraps covering the walls display some of the beautiful scenery that Mexico holds, while the creative on the floor has transformed the walkway into a lake.
Digital 6-sheets are playing several creatives, featuring different vacation stories which show off the country’s beauty hot-spots such as waterfalls, beaches, ancient heritage sites and exciting nightlife.
Ambiance sounds are also being played in combination with the visuals to enhance the fully immersive experience.
In addition to this, thousands of stunning model butterflies flutter along the walls, inviting travellers to pull off and take away with them as a souvenir.
Steven Dennison, Head of Creative Solutions, JCDecaux UK, said: “The St Pancras Immersion Zone is perfect for this campaign. It creates a fun and immersive experience for passengers and brings a little bit of Mexico to the heart of London.”
The Immersion Zone in this iconic station in London is part of an exciting campaign targeting the British public and tourists visiting London – part of the celebrations of 2015, the Year of Mexico in the UK.

Nescafe Keeps Sleepy Drivers Alert in Mexico

People in Mexico are often half asleep when they have to go to work early in the morning and sometimes miss red lights. In order to combat this, Nescafé synchronised a 6-sheet with some traffic lights overhead. The 6-sheet illuminated the road green, orange or red, making the traffic lights much more obvious to bleary-eyed drivers.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]383DDHTKu0g[/youtube]
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Read All About it on Paper Towels

To drive more people to its website, Mexican free newspaper Mas Por Mas rigged some paper towel dispensers to print out the latest real-time news.
Working together with agency FCB Mexico, they installed printers inside selected paper towel dispensers, and connected them via WiFi to the paper’s daily newsfeed.
Each time the dispensers detected a person’s hand, they would print out the latest news on the paper towels. Using special powered ink, the printed news won’t leave any stains on the person’s hands.
On each print-out is also a QR code that directs people to the newspaper’s website. According to the video below, the campaign was a success; unique visitors to the website increased by 37% in the first two weeks.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]sfjFgFYBEmA[/youtube]
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MINI creates exploding airbags in Women’s toilet

To warn women about the dangers of putting make-up on while driving, MINI Mexico installed an airbag within a soap dispenser in a women’s toilet in Mexico. The airbag exploded suddenly as women stood in front of the mirror to apply their make-up. The message on the airbag read “There’s a place for everything. Makeup or drive”.
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