Lululemon stages meditation on bus to calm commuters

Canadian athletic apparel brand Lululemon Athletica is bringing a touch of serenity to London’s public transport users, with the launch of the UK’s first meditation bus.

The activity, which began on 10th January is being staged to mark the opening of the brand’s European flagship store on Regent Street, which will welcome visitors from today (12th January). The ‘Meditation Om The Move’ bus is providing complimentary sessions until 15th January, giving passengers the tools to make every commute a soothing experience.
The interior of the double-decker London bus has been converted into an oasis of calm, with every detail designed with wellbeing in mind. Lemon, lavender, cinammon and jasmine oils – recognised by aromatherapists as being the most calm-inducing scents is diffused throughout the bus. A simple inhalation of these aromas can cause a relaxing response by activating the hypothalamus – the area of the brain which sends feel-good messages to the body.
Shakes, juices and snacks are available on board and have been specially designed by Neat Nutrition, the premium protein brand running Lululemon Regent Street’s in-house cafe. Carefully selected ingredients such as dark chocolate, honey, cranberry and pistachios have been included due to their antioxidant and stress-busting qualities.
The interior is draped with colours known to induce specific effects with green for calmness and tranquillity, yellow for happiness and positivity and purple for creativity and inspiration.
Flowers in the same relaxing colours are placed around the bus, alongside terrarium garden plants. Several experimental studies have proven that the presence of flowers and potted plants has been found to improve wellbeing, lower blood pressure and decrease levels of anxiety.
Noise-blocking headphones will also allow passengers to focus on their meditation and shut out the noises of the city, while steamed face towels will be available, to replicate an ancient practice designed to relax and rejuvinate the senses.
Lululemon is also working with global ambassador and renowned yoga and meditation expert, Ryan Leier. A former basketball professional, Leier turned to yoga and meditation following injury and now travels the world teaching others. He will be leading introductory meditation sessions specially designed to help achieve a sense of calm in the midst of hectic surroundings. As well as Leier, some of London’s leading mindfulness and meditation experts will be climbing on-board to deliver a range of other free sessions throughout the course of the week. Each session lasts between 45 minutes to an hour.
Lululemon’s newest store on Regent Street will span 6,344 sqft. Aside from athletic apparel, the store aims to offer visitors and ‘experience’, from the concierge greeting on arrival, to the Community space housing the first cafe from Neat Nutrition. The brand is also hosting a series of events in-store to mark the opening, including opening day yoga sessions, a wellness mindset workshop and strength and cardio sessions.
In December the brand hosted a series of morning yoga classes at Dalloway Terrace in Covent Garden, while in October, it staged a yoga-themed event as part of the Africa Yoga Project.
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