McDonald’s crops the golden arches to direct you to the closest restaurant

McDonald’s branding is so iconic that it communicates just as well in very minimalist form, as the company’s extremely stripped-down advertising in France has long proven. Now, in Canada, the fast-food chain is applying the same approach to out-of-home ads—with surprisingly useful results.
A new campaign from Cossette crops the iconically curvy Golden Arches to direct people to the nearest McDonald’s restaurants. The “Follow the Arches” campaign turns bits of the giant yellow M into directional billboards, giving drivers easy-to-follow signs to get their McD’s fix.
“To create a new way-finding system, we noticed that the directions were right there in the logo,” the brand says. “By cropping the Golden Arches into a directional path, and reducing the visuals to only what’s essential, we transformed an underutilized media space into a simple unified design system adaptable to any market around the world.”

So far, the campaign includes just four billboards (three static and one digital) in high-traffic areas across downtown Toronto and the greater Toronto area. But Peter Ignazi, chief creative officer at Cossette, said the concept could eventually solve the problem of hundreds of differently designed directional posters in Canada—and indeed, around the world.
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Posterscope China win 5 awards at the IAI 2017 Festival

Recently, the International Advertising Awards in China were held at The China Media University and Posterscope China won big by scooping 5 Prizes including “The best Media Agency of the year”.

These awards affirm their data, planning, creativity and technology credentials.
Other awards were won for Adidas, Sprite, McDonalds and Nippon.

Unsuspecting foodies who ordered a McDonald's Maestro Burger star in their own personal opera

To show how the Maestro burger stimulates all your senses, TBWA created a prank with real people who are exposed to a truly epic experience- to surprise an unsuspecting person with a big serenade.
The serenade was orchestrated by a real maestro (Guido Dieteren), who translated every step and move of the McDonald’s guest to orchestral music. This exceptional piece of music builds up towards a huge climax: the first bite of the Maestro burger.
To show the audience that Dieteren was conducting music for unsuspecting guests ordering a delicious Maestro burger, hidden cameras were used to project the McDonald’s live video-stream in the orchestra hall and vice- versa. In addition, a normal film camera was hidden inside a cleaning cart, which was then pushed in closely on the unsuspecting star as they took that first special bite.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]59nYtRqBWiY[/youtube]
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McDonald's create the rear-view invitation

As the old saying goes: You only regret the things you didn’t do.
DDB Stockholm designed a billboard positioned just after passing a McDonald’s restaurant. The billboard was designed to be  laterally reversed so that the consumer would get the message “It’s never too late to turn around. Next U-turn 100 meters” in their rear-view mirror. 
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McDonald's Dance Off to a Flyer

McDonald’s Free Breakfast Friday returned on February 26th. The countrywide promotion saw thousands of hot breakfasts given out completely free of charge. All 89 branches of the food chain in Ireland gave customers the option of a free Sausage and Egg McMuffin or a free Bacon and Egg McMuffin ’till 10am. To build excitement in the week leading up Eclipse Media incorporated a special interactive screen within an Adshel 6 Sheet on South Great Georges St. Software by Cawley Nea\TBWA enabled passersby to have a photo taken of themselves and then transposed via faceshift to a groovy animated dancer. There was then the option of sharing their video on McDonald’s Facebook page. The OOH campaign was planned by Mediaworks and Source ooh.
“Free Breakfast Friday is all about rewarding our customers and delighting them with something unexpected. This site allowed us to build excitement and a sense of urgency in the run up to the event. We were delighted to support our national Outdoor campaign with this innovation. The customer experience and the extended reach through social sharing certainly heightened Free Breakfast Friday’s impact and ultimate success.” Gill Blake-Swift, Senior Brand Manager at McDonald’s.
Video Below:
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McDonald's Takes a Swipe At Its Rival With Directional Billboards

McDonald’s has more than 1,000 drive-thru locations in France. Burger King has fewer than 20. So, McDonald’s is using this fact to flame-broil its rival in the most absurd fashion—by putting up a huge temporary billboard that gives driving directions to the nearest—very far away—BK drive-thru.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]VMjRSnokms8[/youtube]
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Clever Billboard Features McDonald’s Egg McMuffin Rising Along With The Sun

McDonald’s Egg McMuffin digital billboard from Canada works in harmony with the movements of the sun where the Egg McMuffin rises into view just like the sun in the morning.  The campaign was created by Integrated marketing communications agency Cossette.
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McDonald’s Sets Up Huge Lunch Box-Shaped Restaurant to Promote New Items

To ramp up promotional efforts for its new Aussie rump steak wraps and salad, McDonald’s Australia has set up a pop-up restaurant in the shape of a gigantic lunch box.
Covered in its iconic red and yellow colors, the massive pop-up is currently situated at Melbourne, after which it will relocate to Gold Coast, Sydney, Perth and Adelaide.
[youtube width=”300px” height=”200px”]18MhPPOLIVk[/youtube]
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McDonald's Stockholm Lets Young People Use Cans as Currency for Food

A new initiative created by DDB Stockholm for McDonald’s lets young people pay for their McDonald’s meal with discarded cans as currency.
In summer, when spending time at outdoor parks and music festivals are eminent, trash also tends to be a problem. Young people are also often short of cash.
McDonald’s has reconciled the two insights to create ‘jobs’ that engage youth to pick up cans for recycling, and in doing so, get a free meal.
One billboard in Stockholm was turned into a trash bag dispenser that distributed trash bags for litter collection. On each bag was printed the ‘exchange rate’ of what certain McDonald’s menu items were worth.
A recycled can is worth 1 Krona (approximately $ 0.14). Ten cans could be exchanged for a hamburger, 20 cans for a cheeseburger, and 40 cans for a Big Mac.
This idea not only gives youth an incentive to pick up litter, but also results in a cleaner environment for all. It will be adopted at other festivals this year and the next.
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McDonald's Gives Piccadilly Circus Sign Interactive Overhaul

McDonald’s high-profile advertising sign in Piccadilly Circus has been overhauled to become a “gigantic interactive visitors’ book”.
Leo Burnett, the fast-food company’s creative agency, has created a fictional world called “Little Piccadilly”.
As people pass the McDonald’s screen, they will be invited to create their own animated character on the website and send it to the screen through their smartphone. The character will then appear on the screen in “Little Piccadilly” shortly afterwards.
The characters will be rotated on the sign, meaning each character effectively becomes a permanent resident on the sign. The sign will work 24/7, 365 days a year and the background will change to reflect the real-time weather and season conditions, such as rain, sun, night.
The agency claims this will make it the world’s first digital advertising screen to be fully interactive.
McDonald’s says this new sign reflects the “democratic values” of its brand, by allowing everyone to make their mark on one of the world’s most visited places.
There are more than 300 million possible combinations of illustrated artwork and animations, so the same thing will never be shown twice.
Little Piccadilly is a long-term initiative and the agency plans to add new functionality over time, such as messaging and real-time games.
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